Issue #29: Feb 5 - Feb 8

Record-busting global 2021 cloud spend, AWS’ plan to save $1bn by extending use of its hardware, Google Cloud’s new VM crypto-mining detection service, and early launch of Sovereign Cloud for Germany.

Record-beating global cloud infrastructure spends: $53.5bn in Q4 2021 | $178bn in 2021

Emergence of metaverse and increasing customer confidence after COVID leaves room for further growth according to Canalys; Synergy reports similar numbers as AWS retains 33% market share while Google Cloud grows by 65% to control 9% of the market.
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Cost-optimization strategies to put a leash on cloud spend

Gartner says 60% infrastructure and ops leaders will exceed cloud expenditure budgets through 2024; regularly checking your billing dashboards, holding teams accountable for their spend, and using 3rd party tools can help limit cloud expenditures.
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Cloud-native: for and against

While vendor lock-in, tight coupling to cloud-native services on existing cloud, and scarce talent can turn you into a cloud-native loser, better performance, lower costs, and higher interoperability make the case for cloud-native.
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Updates & Tips

Google Cloud’s VM Threat Detection service can detect cryptocurrency mining in VMs

The new service will be available as a Google Cloud’s Security Command Center Premium offering, will use heuristics to detect suspicious activity such as crypto-mining - which is what 86% compromised instances are used for.
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Microsoft IoT Signals report finds Australia is the fastest adopted of IoT

Organizations in Australia report highest rate of IoT adoption at 96%; overall adoption remains strong in the APAC. 88% organizations that aim to increase or maintain IoT investments more likely to incorporate emerging technologies in their IoT solutions.
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Amazon to save ~$1bn by running its servers and networking kits an extra year

AWS CFO Olsavsky said software refinements lower the stress on existing hardware to extend their useful life; Amazon will save ~$1bn next quarter as a result.
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Cost optimization in AWS: from re:Invent 2021 to practice

DynamoDB Standard-Infrequent Access can help reduce cost of storing infrequently accessed data by 60%, S3 Glacier holds 68% cost reduction potential for rarely accessed data, Graviton2 can deliver 40% better price-performance on serverless.
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Applying Site Recovery at scale with Azure Policy

Azure policy enforces business rules on Azure resources and assesses them for compliance with said rules; apply Azure Site Recovery en-masse to keep your apps up and running during outages with Azure Policy.
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Kubernetes cost-benefit in development versus production mode: Benchmark study

A Kubernetes related technical debt that is overlooked: fixing Kubernetes workload misconfigurations in the production stage costs 640x of what it would in the coding stage.
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High-availability computing: three best practices

Understand your uptime requirements and negotiate cloud service SLAs accordingly, understand high-availability components and mitigate points of failure, and assess application-specific needs before spending on higher availability.
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Wins & Partnerships

Deutsche Telekom and Google Cloud expand partnership to bring innovations faster to market

The partnership will bring early launch of Sovereign Cloud for Germany; a business messaging channel for telecom companies to drive engagement with customers is now available across Telekom’s entire European footprint.
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Australian financial services player Westpac signs five-year deal with Microsoft

The partnership will drive further adoption of Azure services at Westpac as the organization looks to enhance its real-time data and insights capabilities.
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