Issue #28: Feb 2 - Feb 4

Google Cloud’s Q4 2021 revenues up by 45%. Also tops Forrester Wave public container ranking. AWS is Best Buy’s cloud of choice, KeyBank picks Google Cloud for cloud-first banking. Hybrid the default choice, says Microsoft survey.

Here’s how the cloud computing job market is evolving

Cloud professionals with zero-trust security, multicloud and data skills are being sought; scarcity of cloud skills is leading to global sourcing of talent.
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95% think hybrid/multi-cloud critical to success according to a Microsoft poll

85% plan to increase investment in multi-cloud; the poll found 83% of hybrid/multi-cloud users more likely to report increase in revenues as opposed to just 58% of non-users. However, the number of respondents was not reported.
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Updates & Tips

Google Cloud revenues up by 45% for Q4 2021

Google Cloud reported $5.5bn in revenues with $890mn operating losses, up from $644mn in Q3. The cloud division’s annual revenue run rate exceeds $22bn however.
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Google Cloud named leader in Forrester Wave Public Cloud Container Platforms, Q1 2022

GCP believes its cloud-native offerings like Google Kubernetes Engine (which achieved a solution score of 92/100 in Gartner Solution Scorecard), Cloud Run, Anthos (which extends GKE to distributed cloud), Cloud Build and other solutions helped it win the position.
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Azure Payment HSM Service up for public preview

Azure Payment Hardware Security Modules Service provides cryptographic key operations for real-time payment transactions in Azure, is PCI compliant, and can be used for payment processing, issuing credentials, authenticating, and protecting sensitive data.
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Cloud-native architecture will reduce costs in telecom, says Google Cloud executive

Cloud-native architecture, which incorporates AI, ML, and automation, based on open-source software, and off-the-shelf hardware, will help reduce the cost of operating networks, says Google Cloud’s Senior Director and PM of Telecom.
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Google Cloud $1bn plus deals up by 65% compared to 2020

Company-wide backlog increased by 70%, most of which is attributed to Google Cloud. Spending on Google Cloud through channel partners also doubled as the company tripled its sales workforce since 2019.
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Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes? Check out this podcast

Whereas Cloud Foundry brings significant economies of scale effects and greater abstraction to foster productivity in large organizations with thousands of developers, Kubernetes brings greater customizability and flexibility.
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Using Amazon Route 53 for creating disaster recovery mechanisms

Route 53’s data plane, designed for a 100% availability SLA, is well suited for developing reliable failover mechanisms. Use Route 53 Application Recovery Controller (ARC) to create disaster recovery mechanisms in AWS.
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Wins & Partnerships

Singapore Telecommunications adds Azure to its MEC platform

Singtel’s Multi-Access Edge (MEC) platform will support Azure Edge Zones when integrated with the telco’s 5G network layer by mid 2022. Singtel’s MEC can also be deployed on AWS Outposts and is already being leveraged to support 5G edge use cases.
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AWS now Best Buy’s preferred cloud provider

Consumer electronics retailer expands partnership with AWS, with retail operations workloads being moved from on-premise data centers to AWS. BestBuy to also source more third-party software on AWS Marketplace.
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KeyBank partners with Google Cloud; aims to become the largest regional bank in the US

KeyBank-Google Cloud partnership will see KeyBank migrate its on-prem infrastructure to GCP and use Google’s Contact Center AI to enhance its existing client-first approach.
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