Issue #27: Jan 29 - Feb 1

IDG study on the state of cloud-native in Europe’s top 3 economies, stats from the state of cloud-native in 2022 indicate rising cloud-native developer population. Sizing tool for Azure Stack HCI, security gaps in AWS containers, and Google Cloud’s government-wide contract with NSW.

State of Cloud Native Development Report finds cloud–native developer population at 6.8m in Q1 2021

Cloud native developer population grew by 0.3m between Q1 2020 and Q1 2021; 63% edge developers are adopting Kubernetes, and 76% are adopting containers. GKE the preferred tool for orchestration; AWS Lambda preferred by 53% for going serverless.
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Edge computing will fuel IT/OT convergence, enable remote monitoring and maintenance of IT resources to ease the IT staffing crisis, and orchestrated edge will become a viable public cloud alternative.
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IDG study digs deep into cloud-native in Europe’s three largest economies

Few companies in EU’s 3 biggest economies well-equipped for digital transformation, but most agree on the urgency and potential of cloud-native applications. IDG study outlines perceptions and roadmaps of businesses across industries on the subject of cloud-native technology.
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Updates & Tips

CRN issues Cloud 100 list recognizing the ‘coolest’ companies across five categories

The list highlights 20 companies across infrastructure, monitoring and management, security and software, among others, and features the likes of Adobe and Zoho, cloud hyperscalers, and other new entrants.
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Multicloud and DevOps: gaps, possibilities and roadmaps

78% respondents in a survey indicated using multicloud, while DevOps teams identified new challenges of working across clouds. 46% do not use Kubernetes; IaC tooling key to meeting skills gaps. Securing multicloud deployments remains a challenge.
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Security in AWS: 75% containers have high vulnerabilities, 60% have no CPU limits

The Sysdig report adds that 36% S3 images are open to public access, and 27% organizations use root user for admin and governance tasks. Companies deploying 20 Kubernetes clusters overspend $400,000 annually.
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Google Cloud reorganizing in effort to gain market share

Sales chief Rob Enslin merges partnership teams, announces leadership changes as Google Cloud aims to double partner spending over the next few years.
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Microsoft adds Sizing Tool for Azure Stack HCI

The Sizing Tool was developed in response to customer requests, and helps align best practices to provisioning, enables visualization of utilization, and recommends based on user’s workload specifications and other constraints.
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Azure Arc-enabled servers get landing zone accelerator

The tool reinforces security, governance, and compliance posture on servers outside of Azure, and recommends configurations for services like Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Monitor, Log Analytics, and more.
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UK to fund local authorities with £37.8m to help them boost their cyber-resilience

The fund is a part of a new cyber strategy to protect the public sector, and shield services from shutting down due to threat actors. Other initiatives include a Government Cyber Coordination Center (GCCC) to respond to attacks on public sector systems.
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Wins & Partnerships

Google Cloud signs government-wide deal with NSW after five other CSPs

The government-wide sourcing agreement eases NSW government’s access to cloud services. The deal is a part of a larger effort to speed cloud adoption as the NSW government plans to migrate 25% ICT services to cloud by 2023.
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Leeds NHS Trust to migrate on-premise patient data to Azure

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, which treats over 1.5 mn patients every year, is migrating its patients’ EHRs to the cloud to bolster performance and resilience of its infrastructure as it began facing scalability challenges with growing volumes of forms.
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Wendy’s CEO Penegor reveals the factors behind its ascension to #2 spot in the burger category

After striking a deal with Google Cloud to enhance its restaurant experience and operations in Oct 2021, Wendy’s is now at #2 spot in the burger category. Interview with CEO Todd Penegor reveals the factors behind the success.
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