Issue #26: Jan 26 - Jan 28

Azure clocks $22.1bn revenue for Q2 2022. Exciting updates in Google Cloud Bigtable. New AWS Xeon-powered EC2 instance from AWS. Five key trends in observability in 2022, and more.

Excluding CaaS from Serverless vs. Kubernetes analysis leaves a faultline in Thoughtworks’ analysis

Container-as-a-Service offerings like Google Cloud Run, AWS App Runner, and Azure Container Apps bridge complexity, cost, and functional gaps between serverless and Kubernetes; Thoughtworks misses the point by excluding them from the analysis at XConf Tech Talk Series.
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Distributed tracing will gain traction, observability will move beyond logs, metrics and traces to events and continuous profiling, and Extended Berkeley Packet Filter will enable unified observability.
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Updates & Tips

Microsoft’s quarterly cloud revenues exceed $20bn - again

Microsoft’s Q2 2022 commercial cloud revenue at $22.1bn, with 46% growth in Azure and other cloud services and the number of “large, long-term” Azure contracts up 32% year-over-year.
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Google Bigtable update brings more storage per node and better autoscaling

In the new Bigtable update, each node gets up to 5TB instead of 2.5TB. With improved autoscaling, the cluster scales up and down automatically based on demand; enhanced visibility will ease troubleshooting.
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Google hiring blockchain experts following efforts to grow in retail, health care

The cloud provider is exploring services that can be offered to blockchain developers, as CEO Thomas Kurian eyes businesses in retail, healthcare, and other industries as target customers for blockchain offerings.
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New AWS EC2 instances powered by Xeon chips promise better EDA performance

The new EC2 X2iezn instances use Intel Xeon Cascade Lake processors clocked at 4.5GHz paired with 1.5TB memory, offering 55% better price-performance per CPU compared to X1e instances.
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Microsoft Cloud for Retail generally available from February 1

Microsoft Cloud for Retail is purpose built for retail workflows, connects data and processes across the customer journey in the industry, and empowers personalization, recommendations, and better customer service and conversion rates.
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AWS Resilience Hub now in 13 more regions

AWS Resilience Hub, which tests for resilience of apps and provides recommendations on configurations, tests, alarms, and recovery SOPs is now available in 13 additional regions.
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Enrich findings from across AWS services with account metadata in AWS Security Hub

AWS Security Hub provides a single view of findings from across services, enables automated remediation, and more. Enrich AWS Security Hub findings from Lambda and EventBridge with this walkthrough.
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Leverage cloud tagging to effectively secure and govern distributed multicloud

Tagging cyber assets is a data-driven approach to cyber asset management, utilizing metadata to combat shadow-IT amidst growing cloud footprint. How - automate, take an algorithmic approach, and foster a culture of tagging.
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Wins & Partnerships

NASCAR migrates 15 PB media archive from off-site tape vaults to AWS

NASCAR leverages AWS S3 Glacier Deep Storage for archiving 15 PB worth of data with CloudFirst’s Rapid Migration automation workflow, which also inventories archived objects in a DynamoDB table.
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NASA JPL leverages Azure Quantum to optimize Deep Space Network traffic

JPL’s Deep Space Network, which handles communications with 30 space probes, needed a scheduling solution for all these high-bandwidth transmissions, which Azure Quantum was able to streamline.
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