Issue #25: Jan 22 - Jan 25

Deloitte technology outlook report for 2022, edge functionality in Azure Static Web App, Appiro on Google Cloud marketplace and AWS Panorama now in Sydney and Singapore.

Deloitte 2022 Technology Industry Outlook report looks at four key themes driving technology industry this year

Cloud will take up more work with rising complexity, whereas continuing semiconductor shortage will pave the way for more resilient supply chains; sustainability considerations and hybrid work will also shape the technology industry in profound ways.
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Misconfigurations, rising complexity, and sparse technical talent brewing risk in the cloud

Cloud security company Fugue CEO Josh Stella recommends preventing misconfigurations, building complete awareness of the environment, and automating policy as code to steer clear of cloud security risks.
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Updates & Tips

Microsoft previews enterprise-grade edge functionality to optimize Azure Static Web Apps

Edge functionality in Azure Static Web Apps will bring complete control over CDN configuration, traffic limiting capabilities, an additional firewall, and enable caching benefits at CDN, DNS, and browser level.
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Apiiro Code Risk Platform now on Google Cloud Marketplace

Code Risk Platform helps remediate critical issues and gain risk visibility across cloud-native environments; customers can now purchase the platform directly on Google Cloud Marketplace.
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AWS Panorama comes to Sydney and Singapore

AWS’ machine learning (ML) appliance and software development kit (SDK) Panorama is now available in APAC - Sydney and Singapore.
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McKinsey: Six action points to build your cloud talent

As organizations battle to hire and retain short-in-supply cloud talent, McKinsey recommends hiring talent with broad experience, upskilling in-house talent, and optimizing developer experience amongst other actions.
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Widespread cloud adoption expands cybersecurity skills gap

Netsurion president says rapid move to cloud and growing inclination towards hybrid multicloud deployments has widened the cybersecurity skills gap. Few are experienced in on-prem and cloud security; upskilling in-house talent and providing a flexible work environment is the way to go.
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What will 2022 bring from data powerhouses, SnowFlake and Databricks?

Databricks expected to announce further developments in data sharing and lakehouse architecture as investors look for an IPO opportunity; SnowFlake stocks might pick 39% this year as the company strengthens its offerings as a ‘data cloud provider’.
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Google’s Effective Troubleshooting playbook for site reliability engineers

From theory to practice, outlining action points and common pitfalls followed by a case study, Google’s Effective Troubleshooting outlines an easy to follow method for troubleshooting issues and fixing them.
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Growing demand for cloud-native security as organizations mass-migrate to cloud

Aqua Security CEO Dror Davidoff expects his company’s revenue to double in 2022 as mass demand for cloud-native security builds up; says customers are looking for comprehensive coverage security platforms over fragmented tooling.
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Wins & Partnerships

AWS joins non-profit MACH Alliance

AWS joined the MACH Alliance as it reinstated its advocacy of the Microservices, API-first, Cloud native and Headless (MACH) as an industry standard for delivering delightful experiences to developers and users.
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TELUS shares its data democratization journey with Google Cloud

Canadian communications and information technology major TELUS leveraged Google Cloud’s BigQuery, Dataflow, Cloud Composer, Cloud Bigtable, and Cloud Storage to break the silos and build a common data layer, democratize data, and unify the data and AI lifecycle.
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