Issue #24: Jan 19 - Jan 21

Telenor expands AWS partnership for edge solutions, while Verizon takes mobile edge to 30% more US locations with AWS. NCR’s retail PoS systems on Google Cloud, while Azure releases updates to Jan 2022 patch.

Cloud-Blockchain integration could solve key problems of cloud

Blockchain-cloud computing integration will help solve privacy and security concerns. Take a look at top decentralized computing solutions on offer today, and how #blockchain solves trust issues in Cloud of Things (CoT).
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Updates & Tips

Verizon and AWS take mobile edge to more US locations

The mobile edge collaboration combines Verizon 5G edge network and AWS Wavelength to bring low-latency access to AWS storage and compute via Verizon’s public mobile network edge.
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AWS revamps Management Console, now customizable with widgets

The new AWS Console is available on an opt-in basis and can be customized with widgets that bring key information like cost forecasts, AWS Health, and recommendations on Trusted Advisor to the console home page.
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Microsoft releases multiple out-of-band updates to address broken features resulting from January 2022 patch

The patch broke VPN connections, prevented startup of VMs, and blocked access to volumes on removable media. Now, Microsoft has recommended to follow several steps before installing the out-of-band update.
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5 strategies to bring Kubernetes costs under control

Apart from Kubernetes cost management tools, consider optimizing spot instances, mapping the right resource types to the right workloads, conducting provider evaluations to bring Kubernetes bills under control.
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Reviewing data management practices in a cloud-native world

AWS VP, SingleStore’s Chief Product Officer, and Amperity CEO discuss evolving data management practices including movement of business logic to the point of data residency.
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Hybrid multicloud as a short-term solution for chip shortages

Nutanix SVP shares why hybrid #MultiCloud is the answer, especially for the short-term, for enterprises struggling with chip shortage challenges: dynamic scalability, faster time to infrastructure deployment, streamlined operations with a unified management plane.
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Wins & Partnerships

NCR Corporation and Google Cloud grow partnership to bolster cloud offerings for retail

The partnership will enable retailers to run NCR’s PoS systems on Google Cloud and bring AI and ML solutions and other services to NCR Commerce Platform via Apigee.
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Telenor expands collaboration with AWS

With the deal expansion, AWS and Telenor will invest in joint go-to-market activities in Manufacturing, Automotive, and Logistics and build innovative 5G mobile edge solutions for customers.
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Allen Media Group signs multi-year contract with Google Cloud

Allen Media Group (AMG), which runs 10 cable TV networks, will push its content to global audiences via YouTube TV and streaming services through the collaboration.
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