Issue #23: Jan 15 - Jan 18

AWS’ new CISO, and its announcement about two critical bug fixes. Google Cloud bags a $13mn deal while Microsoft steals legendary chip designer from Apple to develop its own Azure server chips.

Beyond DevOps and SRE: why AIOps and DevOps must come together

AI services need more than just observability and monitoring - with massive amounts of data to sift through for NOCs, ITOps and SREs, AIOps and #DevOps must come together to foster innovation and build reliability.
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Managed Service Providers to compete on data analytics capabilities in 2022

AWS Premier partner 2nd Watch’s acquisition of Aptiv, AllCloud’s Integress acquisition, and Navisite’s acquisition of EightCloud univocally point in the same direction: MSPs will compete on data analytics capabilities in the coming year.
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Updates & Tips

Patches: AWS fixes two critical vulnerabilities across its services

AWS fixed two bugs that provided unauthorized access to accounts and caused leakage of sensitive data - SuperGlue, an AWS Glue vulnerability, and BreakingFormation, a bug in AWS’ IaC service CloudFormation.
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Tight race: Google Cloud alters pay structure for sales teams to compete stronger in cloud wars

Google Cloud has adopted the SAP and Oracle way of compensating its sales teams, by reducing their fixed pay by 10% and increasing bonuses by 10%, and is encouraging them to work with partners in a move to win more clients in the race against AWS and Microsoft.
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Microsoft hires semiconductor expert Mike Filippo, likely to develop its own Azure server chips

Apple’s legendary chip designer Mike Filippo, who has worked previously at Intel and Arm, will be helping Microsoft develop its own Azure server chips according to a Bloomberg report.
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Up the ladder: AWS gets a new CISO

Prior AWS CISO Stephen Schmidt is succeeded by former FBI section chief and until recently, AWS deputy CISO CJ Moses.
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Austrian website's use of Google Analytics non-compliant with EU's GDPR

A new cause for concern for CSPs in Europe as the Austrian data protection watchdog rules that cookie and IP data are also part of personal data, which by sending over to US servers violates GDPR provisions.
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Improve cloud applications reliability with these four CloudWatch best practices

Collecting and exporting AWS CloudWatch logs, filtering event and operational instances from these logs, and automating responses to underlying events can help organizations control costs and build more reliable apps.
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AWS Lambda: tracing the latest updates

After bringing new Node.js, Java and Python runtimes to Lambda during mid-2021, AWS brought Graviton2 support to Lambda. Latest in the list is mLTK authentication support for Amazon MSK and self-managed Apache Kafka event sources.
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Wins & Partnerships

Google Cloud secures $13m multiyear contract from Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)

VA will leverage GCP’s Apigee platform, which is certified under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, to simplify former military personnel’s access to healthcare services and records.
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Macy’s secret to great CX in omnichannel fashion: Google Cloud managed services

In this post, Macy’s Director of Software Engineering reveals how Google Cloud’s managed services drive better CX, faster operations and improved performance in omnichannel fashion at Macy’s.
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