Issue #22: Jan 12 - Jan 14

Cloud-native trends in 2022 by Gartner, and comparisons between AWS and Google Kubernetes offerings. Also, Microsoft Cloud for Retail launch, BigQuery’s native support for JSON and Lloyd’s mainframe moves to AWS.

Cloud-native computing gravitating towards these four paradigms, according to Gartner: serverless computing, multicloud adoption, composable applications, and low/no-code tools; Kubernetes remains the de facto tool for orchestrating cloud-native apps.
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IDC: Compute + storage spend in cloud up by 7.4% in 2021, clocked at $72bn

APAC, Canada, and European subregions recorded double digit growth, whereas Latin America, the US, and Africa saw single digit growth. IDC values cloud compute and storage market at $118bn by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 12%+.
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Updates & Tips

Microsoft Cloud for Retail generally available from February 1, 2022

Microsoft Cloud for Retail will offer multiple capabilities across three areas: data modelling and unification, customer experience and personalization, and supply chain sustainability and resilience. The solution will also empower storefront associates and boost customer satisfaction levels according to Microsoft.
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AWS, Google, Microsoft under UK financial regulator’s scanner

UK financial regulatory body Prudential Regulation Authority investigating the Big 3 for risk assessment and new stress tests as UK banks continue to increase their reliance on a handful of CSPs.
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Edge computing in the real world: three use cases

Harrison Steel leverages edge computing to hyper-calibrate machinery across a 650,000 sq. ft. plant, Jerry’s Food’s IT team of 5 maintains systems across 50 facilities with connected edge. Telford Offshore unifies IT infrastructure across its fleet of ships to build resilience to failure in extreme environments.
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AWS now offers new EC2 instance for high performance computing

Hpc6a is optimized for HPC workloads, delivers 100 Gbps networking, and returns 65% better price-performance than its x86 counterparts with its 96 CPUs and 384 Gigs of memory. Available in US East (Ohio) and GovCloud in OnDemand.
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Comparing Google and Amazon’s managed Kubernetes service offerings

Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) compared against Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on pricing, ease of setup and management, support for hybrid cloud, Kubernetes version releases, and more.
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Commentary: Hybrid multicloud strategies key to securing public infrastructure in the cloud

Hyper-converged infrastructure, zero-trust, validate-everything approaches key to mitigating threats as public sector’s reliance on cloud goes up; DevSecOps, agile development, and bottom-up security across all levels of the stack will enable public agencies to securely take advantage of multicloud.
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Google BigQuery now supports semi-structured data natively

BigQuery Native JSON now up for public preview, will speed the data to insights lead time, and enable easy handling of changes in data models.
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AWS Fargate now available in APAC Jakarta region

Serverless compute service Fargate, which allows customers to deploy and manage containerized apps is and supports granular billing now available in the Jakarta region.
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Wins & Partnerships

Lloyd’s engages DXC to from migrate legacy mainframes to AWS

Insurance leader Lloyd’s has signed a multi-year contract with DXC to digitize its pen and paper based processes and migrate its legacy mainframes to AWS.
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CPG major Belcorp achieves reduced costs and higher efficiency with Amazon EMR

Revisiting its big data processing framework to tackle stability, cost and SLA-related challenges, CPG major Belcorp leveraged Amazon EMR managed scaling to achieve 75% fewer incidents, 40% lower costs, and 60% reduced execution time.
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