Issue #21: Jan 8 - Jan 11

Gartner recommends top actions across emerging cloud security technologies, WSJ estimates Google Cloud to grow by 50% in 2022. Barclays is betting big on private cloud, and Anthem is bringing predictive healthcare to users with AWS.

Assess emerging cloud security technologies with Gartner’s 2020 Hype Cycle for Cloud Security

Gartner says public cloud can be made secure enough for most enterprise use cases; recommends key actions for top three cloud security technologies - i.e., secure access service edge (SASE), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).
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Microsoft Cloud half the size of AWS according to a WSJ Report

The report found AWS market share at 41%, with Microsoft well behind at 20%. Google Cloud expanded its share by 1% in 2021, expected to grow by 50% to a $20bn business in the coming year.
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Top 7 cloud-native security predictions for 2022

Speed of modern development will result in severe vulnerabilities in common applications, Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPPs) will replace legacy tools; runtime security and container orchestration tools such as Extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) and Kubernetes Cluster API will see increased adoption.
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Cloud evolution: dynamics of multi-cloud adoption, decoded

With cloud computing expected to grow to $482bn by 2022 according to Gartner, and 85% embracing cloud-first strategies, non-cloud technologies will soon be labelled legacy. What some recent surveys and reports say, including IBM’s logic behind the four stages of cloud adoption, and what drives multi-cloud adoption according to HashiCorp’s 2021 State of Cloud Strategy.
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Updates & Tips

Google Drive dominates the cloud storage market, with iCloud ranking at the second

TechRadar poll found Google Drive dominates the cloud storage market with 44.1% respondents using the service, whereas Apple’s iCloud is used by 33% respondents, followed by OneDrive and DropBox. Everything else makes up only 6.8% of the cloud storage market.
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Gartner exposes six mistakes that lead cloud migration budgets to exceed, and actions to prevent them

Choosing migration partners without experience, handing migration responsibilities to internal teams, rushed application assessments, lack of visibility into indirect costs, and mistimed work efforts are top reasons for cloud migration budget exceeding according to Gartner.
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Lambda better suited for batch-processing than EC2 and Fargate, pricing must change to make it an appealing alternative

Says tech leader Eoin Shanaghy, AWS Lambda costs 2.4x more than AWS Fargate, and 7.1 times more than EC2, but rapid scalability, ease of deployment, and tight integrations make it an appealing alternative for batch processing.
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Cloud-native calls for Infrastructure-as-Code and Monitoring-as-Code

With rising complexity of cloud-native environments, observability tech needs to bring visibility. Two new technologies are emerging as effective solutions. Their details and use cases
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Why AWS took an incremental approach at re:Invent 2021

AWS re:invent 2021 saw sparing announcements on novel offerings while AWS CEO Adam Selipsky kept existing services in the spotlight. Slower pace of all-in cloud adoption, varying levels of cloud maturity, and persistent skepticism of cloud technologies behind AWS’ incremental approach
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Wins & Partnerships

Barclays to build a private cloud platform with HPE GreenLake

The banking major is leveraging HPE’s edge-to-cloud platform GreenLake to host thousands of apps and over 100,000 workloads while retaining granular scalability at the infrastructure level. HPE PointNext Services to carry out the migration from legacy infrastructure in partnership with Barclays teams.
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Anthem powers its predictive and personalized healthcare services with AWS

Health insurance major Anthem built a centralized, HIPAA compliant data-lake on AWS with a massive claims data footprint, and is leveraging AWS ML tools to reduce the number of admissions, and deliver personalized healthcare to patients based on their history.
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