Issue #20: Dec 22 - Dec 29

Take a look at top cloud computing trends of 2021, while analysts make predictions for what’s to come in 2022. AWS faces double trouble with FTC’s advancing probe into its practices while it suffers third outage of the month; Oracle acquires Cerner for $28.3bn in a new deal.

Big 3 CSPs posted sizable revenue figures as enterprises flock to the cloud due to the pandemic and evolving market; AWS’ new CEO Adam Selipsky continues on Andy Jassy’s strategy of aggressive pricing and adding new services as cloud wars move beyond the Big 3; and multicloud trend expands to hybrid cloud.
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Microsoft to get bigger, more integrated, and vertical-focused in 2022

Microsoft Cloud on a $80bn annual revenue run-rate; Nuance acquisition will stimulate its vertical-focused offerings. Additionally, leading the way in emerging technologies with Azure Space and Azure Quantum, integrating Office Suite with MetaOS, and providing AI capabilities at scale will drive Microsoft Cloud’s evolution in 2022.
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Edge computing: a transformative paradigm in manufacturing

Edge computing brings ultra-fast response to changing demands, more agility, and efficiency in manufacturing, but also introduces cost, cybersecurity, and device-level scalability challenges. Ins and outs of edge in manufacturing from architecture, compliance, networking, standards and workforce perspective.
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Inertia and technical debt impeded cloud adoption in US retail banking; 2022 will be a different story as the sector catches up to bankers in the EU and APAC, says Google. Top trends to watch for in 2022: embedded finance, self-service at scale, and democratization of public cloud.
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Whose responsibility is cloud security? Stakeholders weigh in

With CSPs ensuring a secure bottom layer, cloud users must watch their security posture in the middle and top layers from a full-stack perspective rather than a fragmented one. Toolset convergence, temporary certificates, and developer session logs also surface in the conversation between a business leader, product head and business architect.
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Updates & Tips

Third AWS outage of the month brings down key services

AWS suffered third outage in December, with the latest one caused by power outage at USE1-AZ4 availability zone; major services like Slack, Life360, McDonalds app, and Epic Games Store go down as clients report degraded I/O performance for hours after restoration of services by AWS.
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FTC probes AWS practices to understand competition issues in the market

FTC Chair Lina Khan is advancing investigations into AWS practices, asking several companies to gather information around competition issues including favoring companies that work exclusively with Amazon over others.
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Amazon S3 on Outposts now available in US GovCloud Regions

With S3 on Outposts expanding to GovCloud, government agencies can ensure a consistent hybrid cloud experience across their on-prem deployments by leveraging S3’s object storage APIs and features to secure, retrieve, store, or tag data within their data centers.
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Healthcare on cloud will require intensive transactional support via SaaS models

A health automation startup founder suggests that with the cloud market growing highly commoditized, SaaS solutions for healthcare must be driven by AI/ML and RPA technologies, and take the place of fragmented legacy applications currently providing support across financial, operational, compliance, and risk transactions.
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Top 10 cloud storage and disaster recovery stories of 2021, revisited

Nuances of back and disaster recovery in the pandemic, complexities of partial outage, backing up on-prem, and cloud storage compliance and storage from an SME perspective made it to the spotlight.
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Wins & Partnerships

Roche builds a modern data and ML platform on AWS

Roche’s cloud and ML engineering lead shares the story and the specifics behind the architecture to build shared, interoperable data and insights with federated governance on AWS.
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Oracle acquires  electronic health record (EHR) vendor Cerner for $28bn

Oracle plans to move the third largest EHR company in the US from AWS to Oracle as it adds another foothold in the healthcare industry.
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