Issue #2: Oct 9  - Oct 12

Issue #2: Oct 9 - Oct 12

From AWS' big win with NXP Semiconductors to Google's distributed cloud initiative and to Azure seeing off its biggest cyber attack yet.

NPW Research

Multi-cloud will pave the way for smaller CSPs, but the market share won’t be radically affected

With the cloud computing market increasing by an expected $86 bn by the next year, CSPs with smaller market shares will see greater scope for expansion. Today, AWS and Azure have a firm grip over the market, but rising adoption of multi-cloud by enterprises and governments is unsettling the share. However, a radical shift will be unlikely.
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Is public cloud really cheap? HPE CEO claims on-prem can save costs by up to 50%

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s GreenLake platform is now offering on-prem infrastructure as a service. Bringing a cloud-like approach to on-prem, HPE’s GreenLake platform can bring cost savings of up to 50% in some cases, according to HPE CEO Antonio Neri.
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Asset management major BNY Mellon moves wire payments to Azure

BNY Mellon has migrated the infrastructure that supports wire payments to Microsoft Azure, in a move to expand capacity and build resilience in the global payments industry. The firm also forged a treasury cash management relationship with Microsoft Treasury, which is built on the Azure Cloud Payments System.
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NXP semiconductors migrates electronic design automation (EDA) flows to AWS

Netherlands-based specialized semiconductor manufacturer migrated major chunks of its EDA flows to AWS. Leveraging AWS’ high performance computing capabilities, NXP expects the move to power enhanced collaboration, higher EDA throughput, and dynamic scalability at lower risk and costs.
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Telstra gamifies internal FinOps efforts to power savings on public cloud

Telecom major Telstra has gamified its internal cloud cost reduction efforts by leveraging internal competition and platform sharing across environments. Earlier this year, the company had linked Cloudability - a cloud financial management platform with Apptio to trace the value delivered by provisioned assets to the company.
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Launches & Updates

Trace the carbon footprint of your cloud workloads with Azure Emissions Dashboard

Microsoft made its Azure Emissions Dashboard (AED) generally available last week, soon after GCP launched its own Carbon Footprint Dashboard. However, skepticism surrounding the accuracy of numbers on these dashboards and their contribution to sustainability claims remains.
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Kinetica’s vectorized space-time dataset now available as a service on Azure

With Kinetica’s in-built vectorization capabilities, contextual and real-time analysis will now be possible at lower costs and reduced infrastructure requirements. Kinetica’s offering will bring considerable performance improvements on IoT use cases, like digital supply chains and proximity-based marketing - surpassing that of current MPP technology stacks.
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Google goes to the edge with Google Distributed Cloud (GDC)

Google’s GDC will now enable enterprises to run Google’s cloud computing software and hardware infrastructure at private data centers, colocation facilities, or satellite sites. The company has partnered with Nokia and Ericsson to provision private 5G networks for its customers. Preview available now.
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Microsoft combats a record 2.4 Tbps DDoS attack targeted at Azure customers

A 2.4 Tbps attack targeted at an unnamed Azure customer in Europe was successfully mitigated by Microsoft last week. Before this, AWS had stopped a 2.3 Tbps attack in Feb this year, and GCP had faced a 2.54 Tbps DDoS attack last year where it pointed at the exponential rise in the volume of DDoS attacks.
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Cloud Next highlights: Google launches Vertex AI and serverless Spark

At Cloud Next, Google unveiled new data analytics offerings for its GCP customers. Top highlights include Vertex AI workbench, a managed notebook environment for AI and ML production, and serverless Spark - an autoscaling serverless implementation of Apache Spark. Updates here.
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