Issue #19: Dec 18 - Dec 21

AWS CTO’s 6 rules for building good APIs, AWS’ edge strategy, reasons behind rising costs of cloud, what drives excellent developer experience in cloud devops, and more.

AWS CTO Werner Vogel outlines six rules for good API design

Backward compatibility, customer centricity, and intuitive construct among key tenets of building good APIs, said Werner Vogels, while describing the deployment risks and governance complications that underlie API development.
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Overprovisioning, carelessness and indiscipline key culprits of rising cloud costs

2020 State of Cloud Report says 30% cloud spend is wasted, yet another analyst says 50% cloud spend is unaccounted. Overprovisioning, forgotten instances, and mounting costs of cheap offerings due to indiscipline among key contributors to unmanaged and escalating cloud spend.
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Google Cloud PM Aparna Sinha on what drives excellent developer experience

In conversation with Corey Quinn from The Duckbill Group, GCP PM Aparna Sinha delves into the focus on developer experience in delivering cloud offerings such as Google Cloud Developer Platform, Google’s serverless platform Cloud Run, and other key services.
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Updates & Tips

Microsoft and Google named leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud DBMS Platforms

Google believes the report holistically covered its unified capabilities across transactional analytics offerings, whereas Azure flexed its end-to-end data management and data governance capabilities across SQL and NoSQL offerings along with their relevance in today’s transformation initiatives.
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In addition to Google and Oracle, Microsoft has plans to bring cloud-skeptics to the cloud

Along with Google and Oracle, Microsoft is also expanding its focus on industries like architecture and engineering, which it believes, have been slow in adopting cloud; the CSP’s industry specific clouds and digital twin capabilities will play a key role in the move.
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Q&A with AWS reveals its edge strategy: edge, where the customers want it

AWS’ extending portfolio of edge services is merging with its larger objective of “where the customers want it”. New Wavelength Zones and Local Zones will expand latency-sensitive services to the edge; Outposts will enable enterprises to deploy edge in custom architecture models in other locations.
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AWS to re-architect support network and update Service Health Dashboard following outage

Re-architected support network will enable AWS to avoid hour-long outages, revamped active-active architecture will improve outage response times; analysts advocate better understanding of cloud to build outage resilience.
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Google aggregates top ten blog posts of 2021 on its managed computing services

The anthology features update on Google Kubernetes Engine’s Autopilot feature, Google Distributed Cloud update, ins and outs of Kubernetes, expansion of serverless with Cloud Run, and more.
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Wins & Partnerships

Google and Minsait will offer sovereign cloud solutions to Spanish public and private sector organizations

Minsait will bring its expertise in security management, infrastructure management, and local support, whereas Google will provide its scalable public and hybrid cloud offerings through its new Madrid region to deliver fully functional solutions to organizations, while enabling them to retain complete control of their data.
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Expanded Temenos-Microsoft partnership will help match SaaS growth in BFSI

Financial services digital solutions provider Temenos is expanding partnership with Microsoft to meet the growing demand for financial cloud services, will also collaborate with Microsoft on Green Cloud initiatives to help banks reduce their footprints.
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