Issue #17: Dec 11 - Dec 14

Cost comparisons of DevOps across the three CSPs, root causes and implications of the AWS outage, updates on Microsoft’s upcoming Quantum Computing as a Cloud Service, and Google+Qualcomm’s visions for connected edge.

Benchmarking DevOps costs across CSPs and locations

Google leads the battle in cost-efficiency of DevOps services across US and UK locations; Azure most expensive. However, AWS and Azure services are better suited for large-scale organizations, whereas GCP is some way to go to be a viable enterprise alternative.
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Tech advances at AWS re:Invent “incremental rather than revolutionary”

Graviton3, Instant Glacial Storage and fixes for unintended S3 access grabbed the spotlight at re:Invent 2021; Kubernetes sees minimal mention, with Karpenter - an autoscaling service for Kubernetes workloads.
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Technical debt accumulating in the cloud; GCP might overtake rivals

With AWS offering 200+ services across their portfolio, for instance, technical debt is accumulating in the cloud. GCP could challenge AWS and Microsoft with its engineering-focused approach and open-source support, says cloud strategist, Sarabjeet Johal.
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Updates & Tips

Poser from recent AWS outage: Complexity and cross-service dependencies impede easy backup plans for services running in cloud

Complexity and proprietary offerings render alternative cloud services unviable for backup plans; Dependencies of advanced AWS offerings on basic services like networking, and AWS’ reliance on its own services for monitoring its status emerge as blind spots during the recent outage.
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Google’s network intrusion threat detection service Cloud IDS generally available

Cloud IDS, an autoscaling network security service detects network intrusions and brings visibility to the network traffic; helps enterprises meet compliance requirements that ask for intrusion detection capabilities.
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Qualcomm,Google Cloud partner to develop capabilities for connected intelligent edge

Qualcomm will use Google’s Neural Architecture Search to build and optimize AI models in weeks to bring high-accuracy, low latency AI to devices on the edge.
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Learn Microsoft Azure from the top books of 2021

Get your fundamentals and advanced Azure capabilities right with these top books of 2021.
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AWS Storage VP: Cheap storage, training and partnerships with competitors major focus areas now

AWS Storage VP Tomsen Bukovec highlights the centrality of cheap storage and plans for upcoming storage certifications as enterprise data set to grow by 3x by 2025.
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Google Cloud introduces mappings of its services with AWS and Azure offerings

The capability enables devs to lookup AWS and Azure services that map to an equivalent service in Google Cloud with side-by-side comparisons; use this cheat sheet to understand every service from the three CSPs in 4 words.
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Microsoft’s Quantum Computing as a Cloud Service will be up for a sneak-peek by 2022

Rigetti’s gate-based superconducting processors will enable Microsoft to bring Quantum Computing as a Cloud Service to Azure; pre-commercial access to be made available via Azure by 2022.
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Fundamentals and use cases of Google’s asynchronous messaging service Pub/Sub

Google’s asynchronous communication service that lets multiple apps and services talk to each other, can be used for stream analytics and to simplify apps that have been refactored and decomposed into services. See how it works, its key features, and use cases.
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Wins & Partnerships

AWS adds new services from HP subsidiaries; kudos for NetApp

Among key partner announcements at re:Invent 2021 HP subsidiaries Aruba Networks for SD-WAN integration with AWS WAN and Zerto for disaster recover native app; and Netapp was the “design partner of the year” for Amazon FSx integration with NetApp OnTap service.
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AMD-based EC2 empowers Dropbox with reduced TCO in a hybrid cloud model

Leveraging public cloud for faster GTM and on-prem for improved security and lower costs, Dropbox built its footprint on AMD-based EC2 instances on AWS to reduce cost of ownership while bringing performance improvements to services.
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