Issue #16: Dec 8 - Dec 10

The AWS outage has sparked new discussions on resilience of modern internet infrastructure, and multicloud, serverless, and container orchestration have been hot topics through the week.

Assessing cloud for the real world problems in manufacturing

Industrial cloud must navigate the realities of operating environments - is the cloud ready for it? Analyst Johannes Drooghaag answers by looking at AWS DACH’s ML-based leak detection for tanks and pipes.
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Survey: Managed Service Providers (MSP) yet to close the gaps underlying cloud transitions

ISV AvePoint survey among MSPs shows that while 69% of MSP understand the requirements, only 34% could offer security-related services that address the customer cloud challenges. Migration and security are both gaps and opportunities for MSPs.
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Updates & Tips

AWS outage uncovers a key point of failure in today’s internet infrastructure

The AWS outage that took down critical services last Monday demonstrated how AWS represents a single point of failure - in terms of security and availability, and presents a unique set of issues that cloud customers cannot overlook, say cybersecurity experts.
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Entrusting core competencies to a single CSP looks more risky after AWS failure

Entrusting critical workloads and network cores to a public cloud can do major harm; European telcos call for ease of cross-cloud migrations, other stakeholders push for sovereign alternatives like GAIA-x.
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A serverless engineer’s takeaway’s from re:Invent 2021

From sessions on translating business problems to serverless solutions and new Lambda features, to discussions on serverless SaaS and best practices for serverless developers - AWS re:Invent 2021 had a lot to share on serverless.
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IBM managed infrastructure services spinoff Kyndrl adds Google to its list of partners

Striking similar deals with Microsoft, SAP and VMware, managed services and cloud implementation major Kyndrl partnered with Google Cloud, plans to certify 5000 employees in GCP. AWS might be next.
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Kubernetes, now and then: through the eyes of Eric Brewer, one of the earliest Kubernetes stewards

Google Fellow Eric Brewer has many valuable insights to offer. Kubernetes will continue to expand on the edge, leverage co-processors and be effective in both private and public clouds.
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Microsoft expands secured-core to Windows Server, Azure Stack HCI and Azure IoT devices

Secured core servers will allow only trusted components to load in the boot path, will protect infrastructure with hardware-based trust, defend sensitive workloads against firmware-level attacks, and prevent execution of unverified code.
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RedHat-acquired Ansible IT automation engine comes to Azure

The rearchitected Ansible platform, built for cloud-native enterprises, enables automated provisioning, network automation, configuration management - which comes with SLAs and guaranteed uptime - is now available on Azure in Preview.
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Wins & Partnerships

Microsoft and Airbus join hands on Azure Space

New partnership will bring Airbus’ satellite imagery features like see-through cloud and map elevation data to Azure. Azure Orbital now in preview.
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Google’s carbon-neutral pledge drives Rightmove-GCP partnership

UK’s largest property website Rightmove to migrate 1000 containers to GKE, and have a centralized data warehouse. Google to help streamline delivery of new services, and automate upgrades.
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Bayer launches carbon footprint tracking in collaboration with Bushel and AWS

Carbonview is an industry-first offering that helps assess end-to-end supply chain carbon footprint. Streamlines on-farm data collection and connects it with delivery and transportation data.
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