Issue #15: Dec 5 - Dec 7

Check out the latest AWS updates including the East Coast AWS outage.

AWS re:Invent Updates

AWS outage affects many including Netflix, Disney

Glitch centered in US-East region related to global console landing page, which is hosted in that  region. Amazon ECS hosted in North Virginia affected.
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Fewer is better, say industry experts about re:Invent announcements

Incremental changes than innovations. Fewer new services launched, which is good. Not much done to reduce the complexity from 200-plus services though.
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2022 predictions from the AWS CTO

Werner Vogels at his keynote address said AI-supported devops will become a critical component; edge computing will grow big.
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AWS launches super-secret cloud computing region for federal agencies

Named US Top Secret-West, the air-gapped facility will serve US defense and intelligence agency workloads.
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Another useful update: Kubernetes roadmap for AWS EKS and ECS Anywhere

Plans include tighter security and observability integrations, more edge computing support and a Flux-based EKS GitOps add-on.
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New services with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (EDR) and Recycle Bin service

AWS EDR offers basic protection against hardware failure at cheap prices in a handful of regions. Also new storage and backup service to flash freeze EBS snapshots.
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30 new AWS Local Zones – first such launch outside of the US

Local Zones with faster regional access to AWS services to be available in 2022  to countries including Australia, Netherlands, India, Germany, Finland, Denmark and more.
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Offline tape migration capability added to AWS Snowball Edge

Up to 80TB of data migration from physical tapes to block and S3-compatible object storage made available through AWS Snowball edge device.
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Wins & Partnerships

Pfizer using AWS cloud solutions for new medicine development

Projects include using building predictive capabilities with ML tools to improve clinical manufacturing process, and automated data ingestion from legacy documents to help with design of lab experiments.
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How some big players are building “superclouds” with AWS

United Airlines, Goldman Sachs, Dish Network, Nasdaq and others are building services on top of services from hyperscalers. How are they building it? How are these plays evolving?
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Biggest global funds network ties up with Azure

Calastone will use cloud and distributed ledger technology to build next-gen infrastructure for investment funds. Azure’s confidential computing platform plays a big role in the win.
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Accenture AWS 13-year old business partnership extended

Five-year goal for the AWS Global System Integrator Partner of the Year 2021 to develop multiple accelerators that speed up adoption of AWS services.
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Cloud honeypot reveals shockingly effective cyber attacks

80% of the deliberately vulnerable cloud accounts set up by researchers were compromised within 24 hours. Among the 320 accounts, many hacked within minutes.
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