Issue #14: Dec 2 - Dec 4

Continuing updates at AWS re:Invent 2021, including new Sagemaker capabilities, automation in Data Migration Service, private 5G network services, and Goldman Sachs cloud services with AWS.

AWS re:Invent Updates

The AWS proposition after the re:Invent updates – is this the optimal cloud offering?

475 configs of compute instances, more data analytics services with “no muck” including Redshift Serverless and IoT FleetWise for automotive industry, new vertical-specific offerings such as private 5G services for telecom, and a new mainframe workload migration service. AWS is charting a course for customized, simpler, optimized cloud.
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AWS Private 5G will take on Microsoft pMEC, IDC predicts a private 5G boom by 2024

AWS Private 5G, a pay-as-you-go service that lets users build and scale private 5G networks in days, will take on Microsoft’s relatively more mature service pMEC. In other news, IDC predicts demand for private 4G LTE/5G networks to grow by 5x by 2024, to $5bn+.
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AWS introduces Fleet Advisor DMS and RDS Custom in its quest for database dominance

RDS Custom enables privileged OS access and allows installation of custom apps and agents; Fleet Advisor Database Migration Service (DMS) automates migration planning and execution for fleets of databases with customized plans.
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Six new features added in Amazon Sagemaker

AWS’ ML offering Sagemaker now has no-code ML predictions, assistive data labelling features, Training Compiler for reducing model training times, automated instance selection to pick the best configs, pay-as-you-go for models in production, and more.
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Cloud WAN will now connect globally dispersed devices on your private network

AWS Cloud WAN, introduced at re:Invent now lets enterprises build high-availability, private wide-area networks on AWS infrastructure to connect globally dispersed devices; comes with a dashboard to monitor network health and performance.
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Dev Sec & Ops come closer with new CodeGuru, Inspector, Secrets Detector updates @ AWS re:Invent

Secrets Detector now detects API keys and passwords in CodeGuru, Inspector gets automatic resource discovery and new security modelling features, and Elastic Container Registry connects with DevSecOps workflow tools like Atlassian Jira via serverless event bus.
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Other Updates

Shopify tackles high volumes on Black Friday Cyber Monday with peak performance, backed by Google Cloud

Serving the storefront of 1.7mn merchants across the globe and driving $6.3bn worth of sales (up by 23% YoY) over the weekend, Shopify delivered peak performance with GCP’s infrastructure this Black Friday.
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KPMG now an Azure Quantum Systems Integrator

KPMG will provide the expertise to leverage Microsoft Azure Quantum Systems, which enables enterprises to run quantum-inspired optimization algorithms on legacy systems, or to use multiple quantum hardware systems to tackle high-complexity computational tasks.
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Google Cloud to add more regions to race with Azure and AWS

Google Cloud is expanding its infrastructure to add more regions across US and the globe - since April 2021, GCP has added 12 zones across 4 new regions, and plans to expand presence in Tel Aviv, Delhi, Melbourne, Santiago, Columbus, and Dallas.
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Wins & Partnerships

Goldman Sachs launches cloud-based data platform with AWS

Goldman Sachs Financial Cloud for Data will offer data management and analytic solutions to other financial firms. A key benefit: users can combine their data with Goldman’s curated datasets.
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Nasdaq goes to AWS to power edge computing market infrastructure

Nasdaq to incorporate AWS Outposts into its core network to deliver edge computing capabilities to its 130 market infrastructure clients.
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Siemens and AWS deepen ties to deliver faster cloud transformation in manufacturing

Siemens Digital Industries’ Xcelerator as a service portfolio already has 60 AWS services; now adds digital twins solution using AWS IoT TwinMaker.
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Meta and AWS join hands to improve PyTorch library’s AI and ML models

Meta will complement its on-prem infrastructure with AWS, and the two giants will work together to develop new tools for PyTorch and simplify model deployment.
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