Issue #13: Nov 27 - Dec 1

From the latest announcements at AWS re:Invent to the AWS CEO’s rebuttals on key cloud issues and what the latest cloud adoption surveys have to say.

AWS re:Invent Updates

AWS launches private 5G networking service

AWS Private 5G is a fully managed service enabling private cellular network deployment for customers; potentially could move the market away from wi-fi based corporate networks. Announces Koch Industries and Dish Network as customers.
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AWS adds RoboRunner and Robotics Startup Accelerator to its automation arsenal

IoT RoboRunner, currently in preview, leverages the technology used in Amazon warehouses to connect robots to existing automation software to manage robot fleets; Robotics Startup Accelerator will foster automation technology companies with resources to prototype, develop, and commercialize their products and services.
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AWS Cloudwatch gets Real User Monitoring (RUM) and A/B testing features

With Real User Monitoring, cloud users can monitor problems with deployments before users experience it; Cloudwatch Evidently to enable A/B tests with features on subsets of users to improve application experience.
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AWS is bringing new EC2 instances for GPU-based workloads

Graviton2-based EC2 instances will offer 30% lower cost per stream for Android games; AMD-based M6a to offer 35% better price performance.
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McAfee Enterprise and FireEye integrations will ease cloud security in AWS

McAfee Enterprise and FireEye bring new cloud security capabilities to AWS, will integrate with AWS Inspector; McAfee Enterprise and FireEye are also included in AWS workload protection program to empower customers with funding, tech enablement, and GTM support.
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Other Updates

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky calls Andreessen Horowitz report on cost of cloud computing ‘highly misguided’

Selipsky also disputed Gartner Magic Quadrant allegations on AWS’ use of high-pressure sales tactics; added that AWS egress fees have not evoked customer discontent in any ‘material way’.
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Microsoft expands outage mode to Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and other native Microsoft apps

‘Outage mode’ enables customers to continue using services during disruptions, by rerouting requests directed to Azure Active Directory to backup authentication service – making Azure AD more resilient to outages now.
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Google Cloud AppSheet - viable Power Apps alternative?

Enabling no-code, intent-driven app development, AppSheet integrates with non-traditional data sources, enabling easy ML and automation. However, Power Apps, a more mature alternative, brings more integrations.
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Global Rackspace-Google survey indicates half the respondents now 100% on cloud

Future of Cloud report says 51% respondents now have all their infrastructure in the cloud; 84% say they are investing in public cloud with containers.
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Cloud wars now turn to AI in public cloud, attempts to make ML services easier for users

Big 3 CSPs are battling to make AI easier for their users, with use-case and industry-specific apps and IDEs that augment the entire AIOps lifecycle. Growing sophistication of models and purpose-built chips will lead to more MLaaS offerings.
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Onto the cloud and back: with colocation and edge

How cloud repatriation and edge computing are defining enterprise infrastructure needs today: a useful synopsis.
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Wins & Partnerships

Interac Corp. partners with Azure to keep up with rising adoption of digital transactions

Interbank network major Interac Corp. selects Azure for its security, scalability, resilience, and compliance to develop and scale digital payments ecosystem in Canada.
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Biopharmaceutical major Gilead sciences selects AWS as its preferred cloud provider

Drug major selects AWS for its secure and agile ML capabilities to deliver insights for better decisioning for innovation research and hosting ERP workloads.
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