Issue #12: Nov 24 - Nov 26

From AWS relenting to competitive pressure on egress fee practices to valuable cybersecurity insights from Gartner and others.

Gartner: emerging cloud security trend good news for businesses

Cloud security spending to rise from $34bn in 2020 to $68bn by 2025. Gartner VP Neil MacDonald believes the market is overloaded with security tools, which will pave the way for Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP).
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Global Healthcare Cloud Computing market estimated at $76.8bn by 2026

Valuing $26.8bn in 2020, the market will grow at 18.7% CAGR. Mobilization of patient data, improved service delivery, and increased operational efficiencies amongst key drivers of growth.
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Updates & Tips

Amidst rising criticism over data transfer fees, AWS expands egress data transfer limits

Users will now be able to transfer 100 GB data instead of 1 GB across S3, EC2, and ELB; CloudFront CDN 50 GB egress limit expanded to 1 TB. No changes in GovCloud and China region. Changes effective Dec 1.
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AWS enables users to create IPv6-only virtual private cloud networks

With 18 quintillion addresses in the IPv6 address space, users can move beyond the constraints of IPv4 which emerge in address-hungry workloads characterized by serverless and container deployments.
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Finding the answers to the how of cloud migration

Replatforming, Rehosting, and Rearchitecting leave the critical details of enterprise cloud migration unaddressed; consider the migration factory and modernization factory approach, and Greenfield Software Development to maximize your software’s benefits with strategic improvements.
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AWS’ new Linux distro AL2022 is built on Fedora

Optimized for EC2, AL2022 provides flexible quarterly updates, and strengthens security with SELinux which restricts everything unless explicit permissions are granted.
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GCP users can now mute alerts in Security Command Center

Alerts will continue to be logged for audit and compliance purposes but risks acceptable within the environment can be silenced with the Mute Findings feature in SCC.
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Fundamentals of cloud migration security under shared responsibility model

A security analyst emphasizes the difference between security of the cloud and security in the cloud; compliance requirements, cloud control plane visibility, access control and auditability and logging should form top priorities to ensure secure migrations.
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Wins & Partnerships

UK’s National Traffic Information Service (NTIS) to migrate to Azure Cloud

The move is a part of the agency’s Digital Roads Programme; cloud infrastructure will enable NTIS to improve emergency responses; digital twin simulations powered by ML will bring accurate 24-hr forecasts on traffic conditions.
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Former Cisco SVP Ruba Borno to oversee AWS’ partner program

Borno will need to address the rising dissatisfaction in the rapidly growing AWS Partner including channel conflicts and better engagement options for smaller partners.
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Google threat report says crypto miners using compromised cloud accounts

Poor customer security and vulnerable third-party software enables hackers to mine cryptocurrency via compromised #GoogleCloud accounts.
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Adidas to host its SAP workloads on AWS

AWS’ ML offerings, SAP expertise, and sustainability program win the contract for AWS; personalization, operational and supply chain efficiencies, and new business opportunities among key imperatives for cloud migration for Adidas.
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