Issue #11: Nov 21 - Nov 23

From Linux and VMware additions in AWS to Azure's value addition in Synapse Studio and the new Pentagon contract bid process.

Survey on 11,500 workers reveals 56% US workers have accidentally deleted cloud data

Key findings from the Veritas survey: One in five delete cloud data repeatedly within a week; fewer US workers are likely to admit or own up to their security-related slips than the global average.
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Guidance for evaluating cloud compliance against privacy regulations, geopolitics, and industry paradigms

The UK might follow the EU in enforcing data privacy, residency, and security regulations like GDPR and NISD; shared responsibility with CSPs places liability on organizations in case of breaches and compromise.
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Updates & Tips

Amazon’s new general purpose Linux now up for preview

AL2022 marks the start of regular, two-year release cycles for major Linux versions. Each version will be supported for five years, bringing stability to long-term projects while enabling customers to keep the environment up-to-date.
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Azure App Service Automatic Scaling preview launched

Automatic Scaling, as the name suggests, automates scaling up and down of app instances by the platform with limits and floors.
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Google Cloud launches Bot-in-a-Box and AI for Business Messages

Conversational #AI technologies Business Messages and Bot-in-a-Box, which will allow enterprises to automatically respond to customer queries based on their intent, without writing any code.
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VMware brings cross-cloud services to AWS marketplace

VMware tools, which enable companies to build, run and secure apps on any cloud infrastructure, including Tanzu, Carbon Black Cloud and CloudHealth mad available.
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Azure Synapse Studio introduces database templates for 11 industries

The industry-specific common data models enable enterprises to map their data from common sources to tested data models, eliminating the need to build their own.
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Wins & Partnerships

After withdrawing JEDI, Pentagon invites new bids from AWS, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle

Soon after AWS’ lawsuit threw the JEDI contract awarded to Microsoft off track, Pentagon asked top four CSPs to bid for a new Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) cloud contract.
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IDC MarketScape names Microsoft leader in Modern Endpoint Security

Microsoft’s vision for extended detection and response, cross-platform support, and AI and ML-powered endpoint security solutions for all customer segments score the win for Microsoft.
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Jeffrey Kratz to lead AWS’ Public Sector Partner Program

Replacing Sandy Carter at his new role, Kratz will focus on simplifying AWS’ public sector partner business, across multiple verticals and geographies.
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