Issue #10: Nov 17 - Nov 20

Issue #10: Nov 17 - Nov 20

From new AWS strategy to Azure reorganization and Microsoft Bayer partnership.

NPW Research

Multicloud will be a strategic priority for 95% orgs in 2022

Only 54% however believe they have execution ability, according to a Valtix survey among IT leaders in the US. Accompanying security challenges, complexity, performance visibility, talent availability, and cost control hinder adoption.
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AWS chief to follow Azure and Google Cloud with more industry-specific solutions

Adam Seplisky indicates there are more industry-specific solutions lined up ahead, especially for healthcare, automotive, and telecom segments.
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Constellation’s Automated Data Warehouse shortlist features BigQuery, Snowflake

Evaluating 20 automated cloud data warehouse services on criteria like autoscaling, serverless architecture, self-optimization, Constellation shortlists Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and Oracle Automated Data Warehouse.
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Updates & Tips

Microsoft reorganizes its cloud and AI business, forms Strategic Missions and Technologies (SMT) team

SMT will be headed by Azure EVP Jason Zander, and gather Azure Quantum, Azure for Operators, Azure Space and Mission Engineering, and Microsoft US Federal Business under a single umbrella, as the organization plans to dedicate singular focus to each segment.
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Another Cloudflare move to undercut AWS: drops egress fees for its serverless compute platform

After dropping egress fees on R2, an AWS S3 alternative, Cloudflare now allows developers to move workloads out of its serverless compute service Workers Unbound without cost; reiterates egress fees is a tax for developers.
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AWS announces Elastic Disaster Recovery Service

Elastic DRS is a scalable disaster recovery service for physical, virtual, and cloud servers that lies idle until needed. Works with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and for apps on Windows and Linux, and automatically orchestrates the recovery process.
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Azure’s Web PubSub to power real-time web apps generally available

Azure Web PubSub will help developers power real-time data updates, chats over video streams, interactive whiteboards, etc. Azure Functions binding and other integrations also built into the service.
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Deals & Partnerships

Google-Cohere partnership to advance startup's NLP platform

Cohere offers great use case for Google TPUs to train big NLP models. Cohere’s NLP solutions will usher a shift to natural language-driven UIs, according to GCP CEO Thomas Kurian.
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Bayer and Microsoft forge strategic partnership to build digital farming solutions

Bayer’s agronomic expertise and Microsoft Azure will bring data science-powered cloud solutions to accelerate innovation and power efficiencies across farming ops, sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and ESG measurement.
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Microsoft Federal president Rick Wagner outlines the challenges of US govt’ cloud transformation

50% of all nation state attacks directed to the US, most of which target government agencies - making cybersecurity a key focus of Azure Government Cloud. Rick Wagner emphasizes zero-trust, automated maintenance.
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How GE Aviation implemented cloud-native data pipelines architecture on AWS

Leading jet and turboprop engines provider built cloud-native data pipelines at enterprise scale using Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Parquet, and other AWS technologies.
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