Issue #1: Oct 4  - Oct 8

Issue #1: Oct 4 - Oct 8

From Google slashing cloud commissions to the heat on AWS for egress fees and Azure security beef up.

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Cloud giants join hands with Morgan Stanley to develop framework for securing multi-cloud deployments

AWS, Google, IBM and Microsoft – along with Morgan Stanley – unite under the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council to publish a Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework (CDMC).
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Privacy rules: Leading tech giants unite to establish trusted cloud principles

Trusted Cloud Principles will define clear pathways for governments to seek information from cloud customers without impeding on basic human rights.
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Fly-by-cloud: Korean Air becomes world’s first major airline to go to cloud

After three years, the airlines moved its entire IT infrastructure – data, network and security systems – to AWS to increase efficiency and simplify IT management
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GCP to slash cloud marketplace commissions from 20% to 3% to attract more software makers

Google now matches now will match Azure in the share of revenue that it retains from sales and subscriptions in the marketplace.

Launches & Updates

Cloudflare slashes egress fees; calls AWS’ S3 egress fees a tax for developers to reclaim their own data

Cloudflare will now charge zero fees to retrieve data from its R2 storage service, positioning it as the cheapest cloud storage alternative in comparison to incumbents.
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GCP rolls out customizable storage regions and secure backups for GKE

GCP will now let users customize the regions when they opt for dual-region storage, enabling greater flexibility of options than was currently available in GCP so far. In a separate announcement, GCP also introduced a backup feature for Google Kubernetes Engine, which will bring better data protection for container-based data.
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Azure Sentinel Threat Intelligence built on open source threat intelligence standards to goes live in Oct

Microsoft announced general availability of its Azure Sentinel Threat Intelligence to allow enterprises to import threat intelligence data from paid and open source feeds, and with analytics rules and dashboards, triaging and responding to threats will become easier within the Azure public and government cloud.
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AWS Step Functions expands supported services to over 200

AWS’ visual workflow automation service Step Functions support increased from 17 to 200 services to simplify the process of automating distributed workflows and keeping track workflows status.
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General availability of GCP’s API management platform Apigee Integration announced

Apigee Integration to be available for Apigee customers from October 6, allowing building and managing APIs within the same interface, with pre-built connectors to Salesforce, CloudSQL and Big Query.
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Eagle eyes: Azure’s Purview now becomes generally available, taking Microsoft’s data governance game up a notch

Azure Purview, which allows enterprises to create unified maps of their data sources across hybrid, multi-cloud deployments, is now available generally to users with 36 pre-built connectors.
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