Issue #47: Jun 8 - Jun 14

Public sector to spend more on cloud and SaaS, Tenable Research slams Microsoft for lack of transparency, and local European cloud providers on their visions of a fair cloud market.

Gartner: Public sector XaaS spending to grow amidst decreasing legacy infrastructure investments

54% government CIOs expect to allocate additional funding to cloud platforms and public sector software spending to grow to $162bn in 2022 as governments seek relief from talent shortage and to cut bureaucracy, according to Gartner.
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IT’s role is changing with growing cloud adoption

Supporting cloud needs now the top role of IT as 48% from a Denodo survey cite data initiatives as top projects; hybrid cloud most popular deployment model and multicloud employed by 17%. Security and skills shortage remain top challenges.
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Six critical vulnerabilities spotted in Azure over the last year

Two found in AWS and none in Google Cloud; such vulnerabilities may be a result of infrastructural complexity rather than a flawed security approach and haven’t prompted major customer concerns so far.
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AWS leads cloud-managed container orchestration, but competition is catching up

AWS ECS and EKS are gaining popularity as they are used by 33% and 25% developers respectively, but GKE (used by 32%) and open source designs are gaining preference; ECS Anywhere and EKS Anywhere “don’t allow for cloud neutral functionality”.
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7 reasons serverless computing encourages useful engineering practices

Serverless components are easier to change and deploy, enforces self-contained execution environments, encourages least-privilege security principle, and help achieve high availability and fault tolerance, but may make it difficult to see the bigger picture.
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Business Updates

Open standards and just licensing key demands of Microsoft’s European Cloud rivals

Scaleway and OVHcloud CEOs talk of the shortcomings of Gaia-X, why Microsoft’s European Cloud Principles are more of a “window dressing”, and what European cloud providers want from Microsoft and the European Commission.
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Four more services to become a part of Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform (IDP)

SQL Server 2022, Purview Data Estate Insights, Datamart in PowerBI, and Azure Synapse Link for SQL to become a part of Microsoft IDP, which unifies database, analytics, and governance offerings in Azure.
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Tenable Research slams Microsoft for lack of transparency

Accuses Microsoft of communication disconnect and downplaying the severity of security vulnerabilities that affected underlying infrastructure of Azure Synapse Analytics and could have potentially led to compromise of data of other Microsoft customers.
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AWS Mainframe Modernization service generally available now, but buyers beware

Despite AWS CEO Adam Selipsky’s remark on the demand for cloudification of mainframe workloads, analysts from Gartner suggest caution as mission-critical mainframe workload migrations are often not successful and others “almost certainly” need refactoring.
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80% price reduction for Secure Tunneling in AWS IoT Device Management

Metered per open tunnel, Secure Tunneling will now cost 80% lower per tunnel while maximum tunnel duration will be kept at 12 hrs; no charge for making multiple client connections over a single secure tunnel.
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