Issue #46: Jun 1 - Jun 7

Google to expand financial support for startups and bring AI capabilities to its Distributed Cloud Hosted; Engie SA to use wind energy prediction service from Google, and Deutsche Telekom’s engineers discuss their cloud-native journey.

Gartner: IaaS public cloud services market grew 41.4% in 2021

Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, Google, and Huawei account for 80% of the market which is now valued at $90bn; VP Analyst at Gartner positive about IaaS growth as emerging technologies like the Metaverse will require hyperscale infrastructure.
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Taming the complexity of merging on-premises and multicloud environments

CIOs continue to operate in complex, hybrid cloud environments and 74% believe on-prem and public cloud interoperability will be critical by 2024; here are key approaches to tame the complexity of hybrid environments for seven customer segments in the hybrid cloud market.
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McKinsey examines six damaging mistakes to avoid in cloud economics

Enterprises making economic calculations that do not take cloud-specific approaches into account; day-one benefits of lift-and-shift, basing spend forecasts on historical trends and divorced cloud architecture and cloud economics roadmap among key mistakes to avoid.
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Cloud and financial management: key considerations for SMEs

SME CFOs and leaders should advocate for cloud transformation as automation and cloud finance software brings insights and efficiencies and monetizes data; here are five steps to move to the cloud to address the challenges of legacy software and manual processes.
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Business Updates

Price cuts for EC2 instances running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server OS

Savings may amount up to 24% against current on-demand rates; Savings Plan for EC2 instances running SLES OS could bring 52% savings against current Savings Plan rates.
Updated prices
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Amazon EMR Serverless now generally available

Will help customers run big data analytics applications using open-source without configuring, managing, and scaling clusters or servers; gets automatic, fine-grained scaling logic and resilient to availability zones failures.
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Key updates for Microsoft Cost Management from May 2022

Azure Cost Management and Billing renamed to Microsoft Cost Management, improved anomaly detection models, view costs for child resources in cost analysis preview, and Azure Lab Services costing model revised.
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Google picks HPE GreenLake for its distributed cloud

Google will use HPE GreenLake, the pay-per-use on-premises managed infrastructure service for its managed, hosted distributed cloud; the move will unify and simplify Google’s hybrid-cloud experience.
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Google to bring AI capabilities to its Distributed Cloud Hosted

Google Distributed Cloud Hosted, expected to be generally available this year, will offer Vertex AI features like the Translation API, Speech-to-Text and optical character recognition.
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Customer Speak

Transitioning to DevOps: an inside look at Vanguard and Morgan and Stanley

As Vanguard onloads to AWS and Morgan and Stanley aligns itself with Microsoft Azure, they are undertaking major efforts to establish modern DevOps and SRE practices. Snippets of conversation with Morgan Stanley’s Head of DevOps and Vanguard’s SRE.
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Engie SA to accelerate wind power with experimental technology from Google

The French utility company will use Google’s service which predicts wind power output 36 hours in advance and can improve wind energy value by 20%; Google says its AI service offers forecasts to sharpen trading decisions in energy markets.
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Deutsche Telekom’s journey to cloud native

Deutsche Telekom’s DevOps engineers Christopher Dziomba and Samuel Nitsche discuss their organization’s journey to cloud-native and why the organization decided to build its own Kubernetes platform in this podcast.
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