Issue #45: May 25 - May 31

Conversations with Couchbase CTO and Virtana CRO, new Azure capabilities from Microsoft’s Build 2022, Informatica deepens ties with Google and Microsoft, Publicis Sapient and Google Cloud report on cloud skills in banking, and Microsoft-Meta expanded collaboration.

Cloud expert Ian Moyse talks about DevOps and cloud computing

Ian Moyse discusses the proliferation of cloud tools, how major cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft are shaping and being shaped by the industry, his work on web scalability projects, and evolution of enterprise security in cloud environments.
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Despite numerous potential upsides, very few startups are using serverless – why?

Cloud consultant Paul Swail asks this question of his Twitter followers, and receives diverse responses, which include “lack of awareness, poor developer experience of cloud tools, hard-to-hire serverless developers, and vendor lock-in concerns” amongst others.
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Skills gap key hurdle to cloud migration for banks

Publicis Sapient and Google Cloud report found two-thirds of 250 banking leaders aim to onload 30% data and applications to cloud in three years, but shortage of talent is the primary roadblock to their cloud ambitions after cybersecurity.
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Industry leaders on accelerating application modernization

46% enterprises planning an increase in transformation spend, but 81% suffered failures and setbacks costing $4mn+ on their modernization journeys in 2021; leading industry analysts and Couchbase CTO discuss application modernization strategies in two interviews.
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Virtana CRO talks about the challenges of optimizing multicloud environments

Steve Hershkowitz says application complexity, manual analysis and multiple tools add to the complexity of multicloud environments; shows how cloud spending can escalate quickly with real-world examples as he discusses the centrality of real-time cloud cost optimization.
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How cloud can improve marketing optimization

Acxiom’s Scot Richardson says that with cloud’s advantages in speed, scalability and connectivity, measurement can be at the center of the campaign optimization with fast access to reliable visualization tools, quick response to dynamic environments like AdWords and API integrations.
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Business Updates

New Azure capabilities announced at Microsoft Build 2022

Intelligent Data Platform and Azure Communication Services Mobile UI Library generally available, API Management to get Private Link support; Azure Kubernetes Service to get Draft 2, which eases creation, containerization and deployment on Kubernetes.
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Informatica forges deeper ties with Microsoft and Google Cloud

Introduces deeper integration of Informatica’s data governance capabilities and Power BI and Informatica Data Loader for Google BigQuery which lets users upload data to Google Cloud at no charge; will soon announce cloud-native MDM on Azure.
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Customer Speak

Microsoft and Meta announce expanded collaboration

Meta will expand use of Azure supercomputing to accelerate AI research and development for its Meta AI group and while the two collaborate to scale PyTorch adoption on Azure; Microsoft to also provide  enterprise-grade support for PyTorch.
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Central Dutch Government signs deal with Google Cloud

The cloud deal will support move to hybrid work in its departments and enable multicloud adoption in IT services; the government’s data protection impact assessment (DPIA) recommendations to ensure GDPR compliance.
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Geisinger to move 400 EHR applications to AWS

Geisinger will transition its portfolio of 400 applications and workflows to AWS and train 24000 employees in cloud skills to improve access to and quality of care; the move will constitute one of the biggest EHR migrations to AWS.
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