Issue #44: May 18 - May 24

Conversations with VMware CEO and Google Cloud CISO, Microsoft lifting restrictive cloud licensing policies in Europe, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability generally available, Schneider Electric’s Grid Operations PaaS on Azure.

Skills and security stand in the way of cloud-native promises

From elasticity and agility to lower service costs, the benefits of cloud-native are numerous, but lack of skills, difficulty in training users, and security are the greatest challenges in realizing them according to this report by Ubuntu publisher Canonical.
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Financial services private and public cloud growth to decelerate by 18.34% over 2021-25

Despite slowing growth, the market is expected to grow by $61bn, with 37% growth to come from APAC according to a report from Technavio. Download sample.
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VMware CEO says edge computing growing faster than cloud

In this interview, VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram talks about VMware’s realignment, strong ties with top public cloud and infrastructure players, VMware Anywhere Workspace, and the Tanzu Kubernetes stack.
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Developer asks developers to compare AWS and Azure

Here’s when loyalty to Azure or AWS makes sense, how developers model costs in each of the clouds, and how specific use cases make one a better choice.
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Google Cloud CISO reveals Google’s cybersecurity strategy

Phil Venables talks about why Google is also providing security for AWS and Azure users, skills shortage in cloud security, how its cybersecurity strategy will attract customers to other Google Cloud services.
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Reactive v/s proactive cloudops: what’s the tradeoff?

Observability systems of some proactive ops tools could be short-sighted; downtime the key downside of reactive cloudops, says David Linthicum.
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Business Updates

Microsoft undoing restrictive cloud licensing policies in Europe

Changes aimed at leveling the playing field for European Cloud providers in running on-premises Microsoft software; Bloomberg post reveals customers not too happy with the changes.
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Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability now generally available

The solution provides centralized sustainability data intelligence, and enables organizations to record, report, and reduce environmental impact through automated data connections.
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10-year Google veteran to help Google ramp up its industry focus

Umesh Vemuri will lead the newly-created Global Strategic Customers & Industries organization at Google Cloud and report directly to CEO Thomas Kurian; will continue to build partnerships with enterprise customers.
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Frenemies partner: Elastic expands collaboration with AWS

The expanded collaboration aims to deliver seamless access to Elastic Cloud on AWS, streamlined signup and onboarding, and more simplified data ingestion, as the two firms engage in joint go-to-market initiatives.
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These AWS services can help you with your cloud migration

Migration Specialist Damien Renner takes you through AWS services that can support your cloud migration, including AWS Application Discovery Service, Application Migration Service, DataSync, Schema Conversion Tool, and more.
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Customer Speak

Schneider Electric announces Grid Operations PaaS backed by Azure

Aimed at ushering rapid innovations, remote access to scalable and secure infrastructure, and simplified grid management in collaboration with Microsoft as Schneider ranks on top in Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard for DERMS Vendors report.
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YL Ventures raises $400mn to invest in 12 Israeli cybersecurity companies

Senior partner at YL Ventures John Brennan talks about YL Ventures’ sharp focus on cybersecurity firms in the region, how cloud-native plays into investment strategy, and what it looks for in a startup as it invests.
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American Airlines to use Microsoft Azure

The partnership will smoothen operations by cutting down taxi time, enabling intelligent gating, reducing CO2 emissions, and delivering enhanced benefits to employees.
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Department of Defense: Software can’t be modernized without cloud

Software modernization was the primary motive behind cloud migration for DoD, says Danielle Metz, deputy CIO for information enterprise at the DOD; also talks about Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability and financial policies for agile DevSecOps.
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Backcountry to create secure digital experience for outdoor enthusiasts with Infosys and Google Cloud

Will leverage Google Cloud and Infosys Cobalt to improve security posture and enhance the customer experience and add new security and resilience features for eCommerce and backend systems.
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