Issue #43: May 11 - May 17

New GCHQ guidance to safeguard data in the cloud, IBM-AWS partnership to make IBM services available natively on AWS, Google Cloud’s AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, Databricks on AWS Marketplace, and ISG Provider Lens™ Microsoft Ecosystem Partners report.

Cloud hits an inflection point for CIOs in 2022: what’s next?

AWS outage this month, accruing technical debt at the hyperscaler level, vendor lock-in, concerted cyber attacks on public clouds, and looming geopolitical issues with cloud providers are brewing strategic revolutions in the cloud.
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Beyond cloud-native: fully-fledged experimental organizations fueled by cloud-next

Cloud-native maturity is characterized by a collaborative culture; as organizations embrace learning and experimentation, data-driven design processes and automated maturity of products and services will be next on the Cloud-native Maturity Matrix.
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McKinsey: Cloud potential remains unrealized; here’s how the board needs to play

Cloud presents $1tn of unrealized benefits but only 13% boardrooms are actively engaging in conversations around the cloud; boards need to support cloud adoption across four primary areas: strategy, operating model, financial impact, and risk and compliance.
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Dataconomy outlines 16 dangerous cloud vulnerabilities in 2022

Misconfigured cloud storage, unauthorized access, undersecured APIs, loss of stored data, shadow IT, and missing outage mitigation and disaster recovery plans are some of the most dangerous cloud vulnerabilities as 93% organizations worry about cloud security.
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8 more ways to reduce cloud costs

Opting for reserved instances, preventing uncontrolled proliferation of cloud, limiting data transfer fees, and using cost monitoring tools are some of the ways to reduce ballooning cloud costs.
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GCHQ issues new guidance to keep data safe from cyberattacks and breaches

GCHQ’s cyber security arm has issued new cloud security guidance based on NCSC’s principles-based technology assurance approach, emphasizing proper due diligence as cyber criminals target small and big organizations through supply chain attacks.
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Cloud-native and AI and ML: the perfect match?

AI’s hyper-elastic compute requirements, agility of open-source, and similar deployment patterns of cloud-native and AI/ML make a solid case for uniting the two technologies as 85% AI projects fail to deliver on their business promises.
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Business Updates

IBM software to run cloud-native following partnership with AWS

The partnership will provide improved agility and flexibility to customer bases of AWS and IBM with faster and easier access to Red Hat OpenShift Architecture, IBM API Connect, IBM Db2, IBM Maximo Application Suite and other IBM products on AWS.
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Google aims to attach channel partners to 100% customer engagements

CEO Thomas Kurian highlights zero conflict with channel partners as it aims to attach every single customer to a channel partner in a non-compete arrangement.
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Google Cloud’s AlloyDB for PostgreSQL to take on similar offerings from AWS, Microsoft

Open source database market soaring as Gartner predicts 70% new applications and 50% legacy databases will choose open source databases; see why CSPs are focusing on PostgreSQL, how AlloyDB differs from CloudSQL, and comparisons with competing offerings.
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Databricks now available on pay-as-you-go basis on Amazon Marketplace

With slight differences, analytics, data engineering and AI platform Databricks is now available on all three major clouds. Availability on Amazon Marketplace means customers will be able to use Databricks more easily alongside AWS tools.
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ISG: Swiss firms accepting Azure after creation of Swiss region by Microsoft

ISG Provider Lens™ Microsoft Ecosystem Partners report says that despite favoring local cloud providers, Swiss firms are beginning to embrace Azure after #Microsoft launched a local Azure region. Customized version of the report by Bechtle.
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AWS to increase investment in Open Source Security Foundation

OpenSSF, which identifies and fixes security vulnerabilities in open source software, will see $10mn more investment from AWS over the next three years.
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Reserve Bank of Australia moves first IaaS workload to Azure

Following data center outage in 2018, RBA decided to establish its ‘data bunker’ in a geographically disparate location; with the migration of last systems to the data bunker, RBA has moved its first IaaS workload to Azure.
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Ryanair using AWS to manage in-flight refreshment stocks

Low cost airline provider Ryanair, a long-term AWS customer uses AWS for its ‘panini predictor’, an algorithm that uses historical data and other flight parameters to identify refreshments likely to be high in demand.
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