Issue #42: May 4 - May 10

Focus on cloud-native applications. Forrester survey on identity-related security challenges. AWS building 5 data centers for $12bn. Google launches Manufacturing Data Engine and Manufacturing Connect.

Cloud computing adoption rising among largest financial exchanges

Scalable and resilient infrastructure, increasing market access, streamlining operations and meeting customer expectations in new ways among the top drivers of change.
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Report: 75% of companies focusing on cloud-native applications

Tigera report shows enterprises find cloud-native security, compliance and observability challenging; runtime security and workload assurance key capabilities needed for container security.
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The way forward for cloud computing

Adrian Bridgwater says despite the evolution of cloud towards consistency and simplicity, predicting its evolution down the road remains difficult; cloud bills remain a hot issue and unpredictability continues to linger.
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Financial institutions need more risk mitigation as they move to the cloud

State of Enterprise Cloud Migrations Report shows 78%% of IT leaders saw increased demand to move workloads to cloud but only 33% said they have completed their migrations.
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Comparing AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure Prices in 2022

Storage costs are similar for all three, while Azure’s compute costs for general purpose instances is higher and GCP highest for compute optimized instances. Check out the nuanced differences in costs across their compute and storage offerings.
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56% respondents said that identities not attached to individuals are out of control; 82% will invest in new IAM tools to address the problem by 2023.
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Cloud-first strategies call for new roles and tasks

With more workloads headed for the cloud, roles of IT teams is changing from setting up and managing hardware to evaluation of best options among CSPs, develop strategic applications, configure cloud environments, manage compliance.
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Business Updates

AWS spending $12bn in five new data centers in Oregon

Each data center will cost ~$2.37bn; construction to begin in Q3 2026 and hiring to start Q4 2026 for 600 new tech jobs that will be created as a result.
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Google Cloud launches Manufacturing Data Engine and Manufacturing Connect

Manufacturing Connect, a factory edge platform, lets factory operators connect industrial systems to Google Cloud and stream data in near real-time, while Manufacturing Data Engine provides ingestion, transformation and storage on Google Cloud.
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Vodafone and Google working on a pan-European network performance platform

The new Vodafone Unified Performance Management platform will replace 100 separate network performance applications and will use billions of data points to enable effective network construction planning, traffic detection, and quick infrastructural changes.
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New Google team to build backend services for blockchain developers

Google wants to be the primary choice for Web3 developers to host and manage their blockchain services and apps.
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Britain telecom major BT signs five-year deal with AWS

The broader modernization program at BT aims to achieve $2.5bn in gross annual savings by 2024; AWS will modernize BT’s applications and help the telecom business build and innovate faster.
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