Issue #41: Apr 27 - May 3

Q1 2022 cloud revenues, new Cloud API trends, new AWS I4i instances, Google Cloud Sales Chief leaving for UiPath, and AWS wins NSA contract again.

Gartner projects cloud spend to touch $494bn this year

Hybrid work fuels cloud service usage; IaaS to record highest growth in spend at ~30%, followed by Desktop-as-a-Service, projected to grow by ~27% this year and 23% next year.
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Cloud API attacks will be the most common cause of data security breaches in 2022, GraphQL APIs will see increased adoption, APIs will stop being shadow IT, and taking microservices too far could lead to distributed monoliths.
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Report finds companies overspending as much as 3X in cloud computing

A CAST AI analysis based on a free cluster analysis tool it provided to over 400 organizations found that under-utilized compute and memory resources caused two-thirds of wasted spend in the cloud.
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87% feel less confident about cloud security after Log4shell vulnerability

Valtix report found 95% IT leaders think Log4shell was a wake-up call for cloud security; 77% still dealing with Log4J patching. Full report.
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AWS, Azure, GCP sales grew 46% collectively in Q1 2022 over previous year

AWS market leader with 33% market share; Azure at 21% share grew at 46% doubling the number of $100mn Azure contracts compared with Q1 2021; loss-making Google Cloud grew the fastest at 54%.
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Microsoft reports ~$50bn revenue for Q1 2022, completes $19bn Nuance acquisition

Azure public cloud the highest contributor to Microsoft revenues; CEO Satya Nadella says Microsoft is benefitting from customers migrating client server applications, Tier 1 workloads to Azure while calling Microsoft the most value-for-money cloud provider.
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Business Updates

AWS announces new I4i instances powered by Xeon Scalable processors

I4i instances offer upto 30TB NVMe storage, minimize latency, and maximize transactions per second; ideal for workloads that require high compute performance per TB of storage or fast access to medium-sized datasets on local storage.
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Google Cloud Sales Chief Rob Enslin leaving for UiPath

Rob Enslin, who was the first major hire of Google Cloud’s new CEO Thomas Kurian, is leaving Google Cloud at a time when it is investing heavily to compete with its rivals to serve as a co-CEO at the RPA vendor firm UiPath.
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Deutsche Telekom’s edge computing arm acquired by Google Cloud

Google Cloud to take MobiledgeX open-source, positioning it as the common orchestration platform for edge computing assets; MobiledgeX counts 25 major telco companies globally as its customers.
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Microsoft prompts Windows Server and SQL Server customers to move to cloud

While offering extended security updates for Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012, Microsoft is expanding its Azure Migration and Modernization Program offering Azure credits, partner assistance with planning and moving workloads.
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Google Media CDN launched in general availability

Media CDN will automate all facets of serving content close to the users as Google aims to compete in a market led by Akamai and ChinaNet Center, which control 42% and 13% of the CDN services market respectively.
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SADA CEO cites “exceptionally strong security story” behind $2.5bn Google Cloud partnership

Achieving its $500mn sales target prematurely in a similar partnership earlier, GCP premier channel partner chief executive says Google Cloud security is becoming the gold standard; cites big data capabilities and network resilience as two other strong factors.
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AWS new channel chief on boosting co-selling and other partner initiatives

Other priorities for Ruba Borno include “streamlining” partner experiences, more engagement with partner teams and pro-active guidance for channel partners as it seeks to establish more relationships with systems integrators and ISVs.
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AWS wins $10bn cloud computing contract from NSA - again

After being forced to review the contract when the GAO ruled that NSA had improperly assessed technical proposals from Microsoft, NSA has chosen AWS again after the re-evaluation.
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