Issue #40: Apr 20 - Apr 26

Gartner cloud spend forecast, AWS acquisition intentions. Serverless Inference for Amazon SageMaker, Google Cloud’s new AI management platform, Azure Purview rebranded.

Gartner: Public cloud spending to grow by 20.4% to $494bn in 2022

SaaS remains the largest public cloud services segment, estimated at $176bn in 2022; IaaS fastest growing segment by spend, Desktop-as-a-Service to witness second fastest growth at 26.6%. Full report.
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High-severity malware up by 86% year-over-year

As attackers use AI to automate the launch of phishing and malware, rising accuracy of threat detection with AI can come to aid; 92% search engines don’t block malicious websites, says SiteLock report – more can be done to protect users.
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Google’s plan to win cloud wars rests on its cybersecurity strategy

Google’s reinvention of the Security Operations Center, environment-agnostic security capabilities, and recent cybersecurity startup acquisitions differentiate it from the rivals, says Google Cloud Security VP Sunil Potti in this interview with The Register.
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5 ways to automate multicloud security and access controls

51% firms resist multicloud due to added security complexity, 86% exploring ways to automate access controls. Here are five ways to do that.
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David Linthicum suggests an “outside in” approach to define cloud solutions architecture

Cloud architecture errors often result from force-fitting use cases to pre-committed technology decisions; leverage an outside-in approach to avoid costly errors in architecting cloud solutions.
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Business Updates

AWS CEO says AWS will not split off from Amazon

Despite investors wanting to buy into AWS separately from its parent company, it is unlikely to spin off from Amazon. However, the cloud arm will make independent acquisitions to stay in the lead, says Adam Selipsky.
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Exclusive AI management platform to debut Google Cloud Marketplace is a new pay-as-you-go platform that helps organizations to build, manage, and deploy AI projects in the cloud, experiment with new ML models, automate training and prediction, and deploy scalable working models.
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AWS brings Serverless Inference to its machine learning service

With Serverless Inference for SageMaker, organizations will be able to lower the TCO of ML deployments by 50%. Inference currently accounts for 90% compute costs in production ML applications.
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Azure Purview and Microsoft 365 Compliance rebranded as Microsoft Purview

The unified platform will help enterprises govern, protect, and manage their entire data estate, safeguard data at the point of residence and improve their risk and compliance posture.
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AWS IoT TwinMaker now generally available

IoT TwinMaker helps developers create digital twins of real-world physical systems, provides a framework to create your own data connectors, and lets you import 3D models of physical environments to compose 3D scenes of the system.
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Microsoft shares Azure Cloud sustainability measurement strategies on Earth Day

In addition to achieving 17% reductions in Scope I and Scope II emissions, and 23% through Scope III emissions, Microsoft shares its power and water usage effectiveness metrics across global data centers.
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AWS eyeing acquisitions to maintain lead in the cloud market

While the cloud provider is open to deals of all sizes, CEO Adam Selipsky said that it will prefer tuck-in purchases due to the difficulty of integrating big corporate mergers in the technology industry.
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9 new Google Cloud consumption packs for channel partners

The new consumption packs simplify and accelerate delivery of Google Cloud solutions via channel partners across key solution areas including VMware and SAP migrations and GKE and Cloud SQL tools.
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Car rental major Hertz picks AWS to build sustainable mobility experiences

The partnership will enable Hertz to digitize CX and key components of the mobility platform with enhanced analytics and vehicle telematics, in addition to migrating infrastructure from on-prem to cloud.
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Kraft Heinz signs deal with Microsoft for cloud migration and digital twin development

The partnership will help Kraft Heinz migrate datacenter assets and ERP to Azure and gain supply chain and operations visibility with digital twins for 34 facilities in North America.
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