Issue #39: Apr 13 - Apr 19

Microsoft’s anti-trust scrutiny. Pay-as-you-go for MongoDB Atlas on GCP, new AWS DaaS offering, Grafana-Azure integration, Neo4j’s AuraDS on GCP, and Australian government’s renewed deal with AWS.

Majority of cloud identities are granted excessive permissions

Unit 42 Research Group found 44% organizations allow IAM password reuse, 53% allow weak passwords, and most users opt for built-in policies from CSPs, which grant 2.5x more permissions than customer-managed policies.
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Google Cloud survey: Only 36% using measurement tools for their sustainability efforts

80% of the surveyed 1400+ C-level executives think that their organization is doing well on the sustainability front, but only 36% have tools to measure their progress, and 17% are using them to optimize their efforts.
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9 independent cloud providers that are 40-80% cheaper than AWS, GCP and Azure

Offering basic instances running Linux, or commodity and block storage, these clouds also offer hidden cost savings in the form of extra bandwidth and other popular features – list includes Cloudflare, Wasabi, Linode, DigitalOcean, and Vultr.
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ZDNet compares the top 9 cloud storage services

Featuring iDrive, Box, pCloud, and NextCloud amongst offerings from Big3, this list analyzes cloud storage services by cost, relevance and differentiating features for various users.
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Business Updates

Microsoft’s 2019 move to win cloud battle attracts new antitrust scrutiny

Altered licensing terms that required customers to pay a premium to run Microsoft productivity software in rival data centers, and bundling of products is inviting backlash from customers and antitrust scrutiny from regulatory bodies.
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Amazon announces single-AZ deployment type for FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Single-AZ deployment type provides high availability and durability within a single availability zone, at a level similar to an on-premises file system; ideal for dev and test workloads and DR, offers 50% lower storage costs and 40% lower throughput costs.
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Pay-as-you-go for MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud Console

The new offering will enable developers to use MongoDB Atlas in Google Cloud without any upfront costs. Users no longer required to purchase Atlas via Google Cloud Marketplace.
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New versions of Workspaces DaaS on AWS come with extra temp local storage

The new Desktop as a Service cloud offerings, Graphics.g4dn and GraphicsPro.g4dn add local storage using “instance store”; will serve graphics-heavy applications, media production, GIS data processing, and more.
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Grafana now natively integrated with Azure

Popular observability application Grafana which announced a partnership with Microsoft in 2021, will now empower observability natively in Azure through its familiar Grafana Dashboard.
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Automatic Data Loss Prevention (DLP) now generally available for BigQuery

Automatic DLP enables users to discover and classify sensitive data in Google Cloud’s BigQuery and set access policies based on the results; get started easily with pre-built dashboard templates for Google Data Studio.
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Neo4j’s managed database service AuraDS now on Google Cloud

AuraDS is built around Neo4j’s graph database service AuraDB and brings automated operations, MLOps support and one-click backup in addition to 65 algorithms and a drag-and-drop UI to model and import data into a graph.
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Australian government renews its whole-of-government cloud deal with AWS

Estimated at AU$174mn, the renewed contract will be effective from May 1 and allow federal and state agencies and departments, public universities and government-controller corporations access to AWS cloud services for the next three years.
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Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. partners with Microsoft

The partnership will help materialize BPCL’s digital-first strategy to reinvent customer experience by leveraging Microsoft’s cloud and AI capabilities for remote fuel station monitoring, supply chain digitization, and conversational AI.
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Australian supermarket chain Woolworths completes SAP migration to Azure

The migration of 25 applications and 75TBs of data took 2 years as Woolworths minimized outage time from days to 17 hours with SAP’s Near Zero Downtime service; will help Woolworths drive innovation and increase speed-to-market.
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