Issue #38: Apr 6 - Apr 12

Google Cloud previews BigLake and announces Data Cloud Alliance. Microsoft showcases a hybrid future for Windows, and Boeing signs a $1bn shared deal with the big 3 CSPs.

OpsRamp Report found IT infrastructure monitoring a key asset for MSPs

MSPs say managed cloud and network services will gain the most traction in 2022; 55% think that IT infrastructure monitoring is the most critical technology to deliver those services and 46% say faster root cause analysis is the top IT monitoring challenge. Read the report.
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Research firm says Microsoft Industry Clouds could be worth considering

Info-tech says industry cloud market expected to clock $20bn in revenues by 2023 despite being at a nascent stage; Microsoft Industry Cloud worth considering from a cost, RoI, and integrations perspective.
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Edge computing breakdowns lead to new operational challenges

Device failures on the edge brings manual field repairs back as process digitization relies on thousands of sensors; David Linthicum suggests leveraging a redundant array of devices to bring five-nines reliability to the edge.
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Deloitte whitepaper exposes six ways to tackling the cloud skills shortage

Cloud talent shortage is holding back 80% IT leaders from expanding their cloud environments; upskilling, simulation trainings, and academia-corporate partnerships will show the way ahead. Read the whitepaper.
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Business Updates

Google Cloud previews BigLake at Data Cloud Summit

BigLake unifies data lakes and data warehouses and abstracts the underlying storage layer; will unlock valuable insights as it unifies structured and unstructured data while eliminating data duplication or movement-related inefficiencies.
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AWS and security experts disagree on malware definition

AWS disputes the definition of Denonia, a cryptocurrency mining code discovered in AWS Lambda environment as malware, says the software doesn’t try to gain unauthorized access to resources. Security experts disagree.
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Google Cloud establishes Data Cloud Alliance

Confluent, Databricks, Dataiku, Deloitte, Elastic, Fivetran, MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis, and Starburst founding partners of Data Cloud Alliance, will provide infrastructure, APIs, and integration support to ensure cross-platform data portability and accessibility.
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Google Cloud and SADA expand sales collaboration

The expanded partnership will encourage to target $2.5bn worth of sales as SADA rolls out additional offerings and services built on Google Cloud.
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Microsoft unveils a cloud-first future of Windows for hybrid work

Windows 11 users will be able to log directly into the cloud-based Windows 365 environment while Windows 365 will be able to run offline and sync changes when connections restore.
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Boeing signs a shared deal with AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud

The multi-year agreements will see Boeing move hundreds of applications to the cloud; the three CSPs were vying for an exclusive cloud deal worth $1bn with the aviation giant.
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Microsoft in efforts to demonstrate and validate compute platform for space

Microsoft is working with Thales Alenia Space to demonstrate and validate its on-orbit compute platform as it partnered with Loft Orbital to develop and test applications for space systems.
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