Issue #37: Mar 30 - Apr 5

IDC cloud spend report. AWS closing in on Microsoft, Google Distributed Cloud Edge generally available. Azure new Arm-based processor support. Updated MSP 250rPublic Cloud Edition 2021 released.

Q4 2021 cloud spend grows 13.5%, more growth ahead: IDC

2021 spend on cloud clocked at $73.9bn - 8.8% higher than 2020; IDC forecasts 2022 spend to grow 21.7% to hit $90bn and non-cloud infrastructure to decline by 0.3%.
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Google: 50% government workers dissatisfied with legacy software

Google Cloud survey of 2.6k professionals found 84% D.C. metro government employees use Microsoft productivity tools, 35% use shadow IT to get their work done; 50%+ say reliance on Microsoft alone made the organization more vulnerable.
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AWS’ continued growth momentum might snatch the #1 spot from Microsoft in cloud wars

After 3 quarters of faster and accelerated growth compared to Microsoft, AWS beat Microsoft by 8 percentage points on Q4 2021 growth rates. Sustained growth rate in Q1 2022 might bring AWS back to #1.
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Clearing the air around cloud native, and understanding the second cloud revolution

David Linthicum says cloud-native is the second cloud revolution – given that it is adopted by those building and deploying systems, and if vendors and cloud providers start providing interchangeable and open technologies.
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Self-service developer platforms might be holding off the inevitable future of cloud

PaaS has stayed because of the need for governance and control in the public cloud; enabling some developer freedom is necessary but many are not yet ready to go cloud-native.
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Constellation adds CockroachDB to Q1 2022 shortlist for hybrid and multicloud transactional RDMS

MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, and SAP HANA Cloud also in the shortlist evaluated on high-throughput transactional performance, cloud availability, and more.
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Business Updates

Google Distributed Cloud Edge now generally available

Announced last year, GDC Edge - which lets customers run 5G Core and radio access network (RAN) functions at the edge is now generally available; partnerships with AT&T, Bell Canada, Verizon, Reliance to help meet customer needs at the edge.
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ARM’s penetration in datacenter servers to increase to 22% by 2025

Growing share of ARM-based cloud instances at AWS, rising demand for AI and high performance computing, and ARM-based micro datacenters fueled by data residency laws are contributing to ARM’s growing footprint.
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Chronicle MSSP Program to increase sales of security products at Google Cloud

Following cybersecurity startup acquisitions, the new program focuses on sales, marketing, business investment and technical support to make it easier for managed security service providers (MSSPs) to sell products and services on their GCP Marketplace sites.
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Azure VMs will now support ARM-based processors from Ampere

Currently in public preview, the new VMs provide up to 64 vCPUs with 2GB-8GB memory per vCPU; will offer 50 percent better price-performance than similar x86 VMs for scale-out workloads.
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Google Cloud Retail Search to help retailers curtail search abandonment

Search abandonment causes $300bn losses annually; Retail Search, which is now generally available, will help retailers improve shopping experience by gauging user intent and context.
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Synopsys and Microsoft collaborate to enable chip design on Azure

Synopsys EDA Cloud, which currently brings limited functionality from its ZeBu cloud platform, lets design teams deploy software manually on cloud or use pre-configured EDA tools as an on-demand service from Azure.
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ChannelE2E’s MSP 250: Public Cloud Edition 2021

ChannelE2E MSP 250 list identifies top managed service providers for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud platforms.
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United Parcel Service expands its Google Cloud Data Analytics Deal

The likely success of the deal that was signed three years ago to save UPS 10mn gallons of fuel by optimizing shipping routes behind the expansion of collaboration, will facilitate package delivery improvement initiatives at UPS with more compute resources.
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