Issue #36: Mar 23 - Mar 29

State of Data 2022 and cloud automation reports. AWS Billing Conductor, Azure Confidential GPUs launched. Microsoft Defender for Cloud for Google Cloud . Worries on Google Cloud price increase while it signs up Adani Group.

Cloud automation key to cybersecurity: Report

Report by Delinea found 86% looking for ways to automate access control, with 59% stating complex multi-cloud environments being the key driver.
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State of Data 2022 report: data explosion, operationalization challenges ushering decentralization

State of Data 2022 report found 74%+ organizations shifting towards decentralized data architecture with 4 to 5 data platforms on average; 59% of respondents’ data now in the cloud.
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IT and developers out of sync about who owns cloud security

While almost all developers and IT professionals rate their cloud security skills as strong, only 21% developers believe IT and Ops teams are responsible for defining policies, but 45% IT leaders think so, according to a Styra survey.
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Nutanix survey finds healthcare industry lagging in multicloud adoption

49% cite data integration across clouds, and 48% find managing costs key challenges in the move to multicloud; adopting 5G and AI and ML are key priorities at healthcare organizations over the next 12-18 months.
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1200 hyperscale datacenters to be in operation by 2026 globally: Forecast

300 hyperscale datacenters in development, 728 were operational at the end of 2021; 40% are located in the US. Future looks optimistic for hyperscale operators as cloud revenues grow at 20-30% annually, according to a Synergy Research forecast.
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Business Updates

Google Cloud price changes worry developers

Cloud economist Cory Quinn criticizes Google for “altering the deal” while a software engineer says price increase will force customers to re-architect their applications.
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Upgraded AI model powering Azure Translator improve translations by 15%, says Microsoft

The upgrades are powered by Z-code, a part of Microsoft’s larger XYZ-code initiative to combine AI models for text, vision, audio and language; Azure Translator can now also translate documents containing multiple languages.
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AWS Billing Conductor to provide customizable pricing and cost visibility

The service lets users organize accounts into mutually exclusive billing groups that can be defined with custom line items and pricing rules; generally available in all regions except Beijing and Ningxia regions.
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Microsoft Defender for Cloud now works natively in GCP and AWS

The cloud agnostic security solution could give Microsoft an edge as it plays to the multicloud trend; mid-sized organizations offering cloud management services most vulnerable to Microsoft’s play.
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170,000 IT professionals expected to leave Russia

The Russian Association for Electronic Communications said 50-70,000 IT professionals have left the country due to the invasion, while ~100,000 are looking for an opportunity to leave. Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development announces exemptions to curb the trend.
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Microsoft to launch Office 365 Government Secret cloud

The new environment will run the latest enterprise-grade productivity, security, compliance, and collaboration applications as it complements Secret and Top Secret Azure clouds for use by critical government agencies.
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Microsoft announces private preview of Azure Confidential GPUs

The announcement comes as a part of a strategic partnership between NVIDIA and Microsoft; the offering will provision a secure environment in the Azure cloud for running ML workloads.
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Azure Quantum adds Pasqal’s neutral-atom quantum processing system to its lineup

Pasqal develops quantum hardware by involving neutral atoms manipulated at room temperature with laser-powered optical “tweezers;” Johnson & Johnson, LG, Airbus and BMW Group already amongst Pasqal’s customers.
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Adani signs multi-year deal with Google Cloud

Adani Group to transfer 250+ business-critical applications including SAP HANA deployments to Google Cloud infrastructure; in other news.
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Japanese banking major Mizuho to re-engineer operations to Google Cloud

The transition into banking-as-a-service will include powering personalized customer experiences with advanced analytics, and better security and agility.
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