Issue #34: Mar 9 - Mar 15

Flexera State of Cloud 2022 Report key findings, Google acquires Mandiant for $5.4bn and its price increase announcement. Also Azure gains over AWS among enterprises; new AWS instances, and CSP3 suspension of sales in Russia.

Organizations struggling to adapt to cloud

HBR Analytics Survey sponsored by Splunk found 62% are unable to keep up with rapidly evolving technology roles and responsibilities to manage increasing cloud adoption; 45% cite lack of talent to manage cloud as an issue. Link to report.
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FinOps to help enterprises squeeze the most out of their cloud spend

Organizations waste 32% of their cloud spend, as 66% find their cloud usage higher than planned; a new process, FinOps, has emerged to deal with cloud spends as 59% consider optimizing existing use of cloud a top initiative.
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Azure overtakes AWS in some areas: Flexera report

Flexera State of Cloud 2022 report found 80% enterprises using Azure, up from 73% last year while AWS share drops from 79% to 77%; Google Cloud second runner at 48% adoption. AWS leads the race amongst SMBs and early adopters. Link to report.
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Finding success with cloud-first strategies

Embracing cloud-native, fostering a cloud-first organizational culture, developing a cloud Center of Excellence, forging a skills roadmap, and having a cost management and cybersecurity plan in place key to successful cloud-first strategies.
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Business Updates

Google acquires Mandiant for $5.4bn to strengthen its security portfolio

The acquisition will complement Google Cloud’s existing security toolset with Mandiant’s attack surface management, managed detection and response, and threat detection capabilities.
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New instances for memory-intensive workloads on AWS

AWS X2idn enables 2TB of memory, ideal for running in-memory databases like SAP HANA; X2iedn enables up to 4TB of memory and is optimized for applications demanding higher memory to vCPU ratio.
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Azure Automation bug fixed by Microsoft

The bug could have allowed one account owner to access another customer’s account; no evidence of misuse detected by Microsoft.
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Google Cloud’s updated pricing to take effect from October 1, 2022

Cloud Storage pricing changes for data mobility, new low-cost archive snapshot for Persistent Disks, new pricing for Network Topology and outbound data processing in Cloud Load Balancing. Customer bills likely to increase.
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Amazon, Google and Microsoft suspend cloud sales in Russia

The move comes amidst many global companies pulling out of Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine; all three cloud providers will stop adding new customers to their services.
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Flipkart enters strategic alliance with Google Cloud

The move will help Flipkart scale on GCP infrastructure, unlock customer insights, and power human-centered employee experiences with Google Workspace.
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Retail banker NatWest to collaborate with AWS for data-driven services

The collaboration will help NatWest leverage organization’s data to anticipate customers’ needs with AWS data services.
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Bloomberg-Google Cloud collaboration to empower access to real-time market data feed

The collaboration will enable cloud-native access to B-PIPE, a tick-for-tick data normalization and market intelligence service to 35 million instruments, over 330 exchanges.
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UK telecom major BT signs five-year deal with Google Cloud

BT will leverage Google Cloud infrastructure to build a group-wide data and AI fabric, unlock new use cases, build a zero-ops product development strategy in collaboration with Google’s SRE teams.
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