Issue #32: Feb 23 - Mar 1

Multicloud hitting the wall, lessons from AWS outage from Lydia Leong. Azure Private 5G Core and Azure for Operator new releases for telecom, Microsoft Defender for Cloud comes to GCP, Microsoft Singularity AI.

Multicloud hitting the limits of its efficacy with current tooling

A research report has 79% leaders say their multicloud strategies are hitting a wall as 80% fail to find adequate visibility into their multicloud footprint. Security risks, costs, and disparate toolsets necessitate an overarching solution to unify multi-tool multi-cloud.
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Getting a faltering cloud migration back on track

Stalled migrations cause duplicative costs, unnecessary contract extensions, and increased cybersecurity and privacy risks. Follow these three steps to get your cloud migration back on track, says a technical evangelist.
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Diagnosing and fixing spiraling cloud spend

Cloud spend slips out of control due to inadequate governance and decisioning guardrails, resource wastage, and price fluctuations. How to get it back in control, according to a KPMG partner.
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Lessons from AWS outages, according to cloud expert, Lydia Leong

Multicloud is not the path to resilience. And yes, API Gateway going down was a AWS’ failure but a key action point for customers from this episode: the need for properly architected cross-region failovers.
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Business Updates

Microsoft announces new products at Mobile World Congress (MWC)

New version for Azure for Operators product released. Also a private preview of Azure Operator 5G Core and public preview of Azure Private 5G Core for low-latency apps on Azure Arc edge platforms.
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Microsoft Defender for Cloud now protects Google Cloud workloads also

Microsoft Defender for Cloud security system for Google Cloud has zero dependencies on GCP-native tools; brings extensive support for GKE clusters, and offers a quick overview across multiple clouds in a dashboard with security scores.
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Microsoft working on distributed infrastructure purpose built for AI

The service, named Singularity, will empower AI practitioners with a workload-aware scheduler that can elastically scale deep-learning workloads, without impinging on correctness and performance across accelerators, says a Microsoft research paper.
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Cloud consultancies strengthen ties with AWS, GCP and Microsoft

Kyndryl to launch AWS cloud center of excellence, Rackspace Technologies expanded collaboration with AWS; Lemongrass strengthened ties with Microsoft, and Pythian continues investments in Google Cloud specializations.
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AT&T partners with Microsoft to offer better private 5G capabilities

The AT&T Private 5G Edge will utilize Azure Private MEC to deploy wireless networks across radio spectra, will enable users to stay connected beyond the geographical boundaries of AT&T private network.
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US Bank picks Microsoft Azure as its primary cloud provider

The partnership will drive automation of security, core engineering and risk processes, while the migration to cloud will improve customer privacy and data and financial asset security.
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Bell Canada to deploy Google Distributed Cloud Edge to its network

The move will help Bell use Google’s cloud infrastructure where data is consumed to meet higher demands from 5G-enabled applications.
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Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment signs deal with AWS

MLSE will use AWS capabilities to modernize the fan experience, aid team selection and strategy decisions, and develop innovative technologies for fans. Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Kinesis for video processing and analysis.
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French retailer Fnac Darty partners with Google Cloud

The retailer will implement the new Google retail search solution, and integrate its data analytics and ML operations for better CX and operational efficiency, while improving the search experience on its website and mobile.
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