Issue #31: Feb 16 - Feb 22

CNCF Annual Survey 2021, another report on observability challenges in multicloud. Google Cloud tool to reduce carbon footprint. New AWS Local Zones in 26 countries, a Salesforce AWS Media platform, JPMorgan Chase’ continuing aggressive investments in cloud.

CNCF Annual Survey 2021 report highlights

The report reveals Kubernetes has gone mainstream and under the hood like Linux, as organizations adopt less mature and innovative projects. Download the report.
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Multicloud adoption has made observability difficult

According to a report, 64% professionals agree that multicloud adoption has made it harder to understand, observe and optimize cloud spend. Currently, 71% organizations leverage more than 3 CSPs.
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Report finds 75% cloud runtimes contain severe vulnerabilities

The report also found 73% organizations have at least one public AWS S3 bucket, and 36% AWS S3 buckets are open to public access; over half of Kubernetes containers have no memory/CPU limits defined.
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Top 3 clouds compared by IoT capabilities on offer

An IoT Analytics report: Application management, device management, and data enablement form the typical gamut of IoT services; AWS and Azure fare well, but GCP lacks the edge.
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Business Updates

AWS Local Zones coming to 32 metros in 26 countries

AWS Local Zones, formerly offered in 16 US cities, is now coming to metropolitan areas of 26 countries in a move to bring cloud services closer to the edge at high-population areas and IT centers.
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Microsoft Chief Commercial Officer calls out AWS’ anti-competitive practices

Commercial sales chief Judson Althoff attributed Microsoft’s success to its global partner ecosystem while sniping at AWS’ anti-competitive practices via a LinkedIn post.
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Google Cloud Active Assist tool identifies idle projects

The tool incentivizes cleanup of old and idle projects from the cloud by tracking their carbon footprint; Google found 600+ tonnes of CO2 emissions could be eliminated by cleaning such projects.
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Salesforce-AWS media bundle to power video streaming services

The offering comes as a part of a long-term partnership between Salesforce and AWS to integrate their technologies; the media platform will be charged on a subscription basis and per-seat/per-month pricing.
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Increasing Fintech gross margins with cloud automation

Learn how to retain scalability of a fintech product while containing the costs with cloud automation with practices such as automated resource scheduling and using more spot instances.
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Getting started with Cloud Data Management (CDM) for unstructured data

CDM goes well beyond storage considerations: to get started with CDM, teams need to deliver holistic data services, support unstructured data analytics, assure cloud-native access, and understand data needs from a long-term business perspective.
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American analytics company Dun & Bradstreet signs a 10-yr agreement with Google Cloud

The deal will help drive infrastructure modernization, bring new solutions to Dun & Bradstreet customers, and integrate the analytics company’s supply chain data with Google Cloud Supply Chain Twin for better visibility.
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JPMorgan Chase spent $2bn on new data centers in 2021

The investment in new datacenters was a part of $12bn spend on technology, while the firm moved applications and data to AWS, GCP and Azure - the financial services major plans to move 30-50% of applications to cloud in 2022.
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