Issue #30: Feb 9 - Feb 15

Gartner projects cloud computing to surpass traditional IT by 2025. AWS and Google Cloud launch new compute-intensive VMs. Azure bags sovereign cloud deal in Singapore.

Next-gen computing platforms shortlist from Constellation

20 offerings analyzed by the research firm. Who make it to the Top 6 apart from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud?
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Cloud computing to surpass traditional IT spends by 2025: Gartner

Public cloud spending to account for 51% of total IT spends by 2025, up from 41% in 2022, says the new research.
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What drives Azure’s faster revenue growth than AWS

The market number 2 has a lot to offer in the data and analytics space, and PaaS solutions – that makes it particularly attractive for developing cloud-native solutions.
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AWS increased its revenue share among the top 4 (Alibaba included) to 54% in Q4 of 2021, from 52% in whole 2021, and even managed to increase its quarterly growth rate on its much larger revenue base.
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Business Updates

New compute-optimized AMD-powered EC2 instances

The new instances offer 15% price-performance improvement over the C5a line-up, and 10% lower cost over the comparable x86-based EC2 instances.
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Google Cloud to open more customer experience centers

New centers in Argentina, Poland, India, Mexico and Portugal as part of initiative to expose more customers to Google AI and Vertex AI offerings.
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Azure enables enhanced storage backup options

Users can now restore data up to 15 days old, compared to 3 days so far, but this will require users to sign up for Managed Disks.
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Google Cloud offers new AMD-powered instances too

New instances, powered by AMD “Milan” processors are aimed at performance-intensive workloads, providing the largest VM sizes within the compute-optimized offerings.
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What could catch AWS GuardDuty customers for EKS service off-guard

AWS is offering EKS service threat detection coverage within GuardDuty now on a trial basis, but automatically billing after the trial period could lead to unexpected bill increases for many customers.
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Wins & Partnerships

Azure to power Singapore’s sovereign cloud

Digital delivery of police and civil defense services to the citizens to be delivered through Azure cloud computing and data storage resources, as will be the setup of 600 cloud skills training centers.
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Canadian bank accelerates data estate migration on Azure

TD Bank will migrate its entire data infrastructure for faster access to data and analysis, thus enabling richer real-time insights.
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AWS edge computing to the aid of US Department of Defense

A combination of DevSecOps, ML applications and Kubernetes cluster deployments at the edge has enabled warfighters access to systems at the tactical edge, globally.
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