Serverless testing: Lambda, App Runner, Step Functions

Serverless testing: Lambda, App Runner, Step Functions

Tests with varying amounts of load and concurrency showed that direct integration from API Gateway to DynamoDB performed best for small and medium scale.

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AI efficiency and scalability in the cloud

Recent developments are actively enhancing the efficiency, speed, and versatility of AI and machine learning (ML) operations within the cloud. Last week, Google unveiled new tools, Duet AI (its response to Microsoft Copilot) and DTensor technology for real-time coding assistance and ML model training respectively. Amazon's SageMaker Canvas and Serverless Inference updates aim to streamline the automation of model promotion and reduce latency variability. Generative AI is driving an industry-wide focus to boost immediacy, accuracy, and scalability of AI and ML applications, with the goal of significantly enhancing cloud-based AI operations.


Why frontend expertise is “more than just coding"

Job-seekers with CVs showcasing expertise in front-end development often get questions about their experience in back-end and full-stack development. The unique skills of a front-end developer, including browser performance expertise, cross-platform development, accessibility knowledge, compliance awareness, and connection to design and test departments, are often overlooked. CSS and client-side JavaScript aren't "real coding" but that’s inaccurate because these contribute significantly to layout systems, animation, and responsive rendering. ROI for Employers: hire front-end developers at the outset or hire performance and accessibility consultants later to fix issues, which can be harder and more expensive down the line. BLOG

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