Google’s Generative AI Stack

Google’s Generative AI Stack

Google I/O 2023 saw expansion of its generative AI stack, which is powered by 4 foundation models – and PaLM 2 is the foundation for every service that was announced.

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eBay’s platform evolution automation solution

eBay’s platform comprises infrastructure and framework (on which the code is based) for 3000+ site applications. To serve near-continuous platform evolution tasks like framework or infrastructure upgrades and migrations, eBay devised a flexible automation solution that can support multiple use cases. It is composed of an orchestrator, which resolves task flows (defined in YAML) into smaller tasks and runs them sequentially as and when they are triggered with the open-source Quartz framework, and a pluggable pipeline, which ingests customizable components (these encapsulate the logic to complete a job) and fetches dependencies for tasks. The platform evolution automation solution reduces development effort in legacy framework migrations and site-wide upgrades, and can be extended to generic use cases which require verifiable, step-by-step orchestration. STORY

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