Our stance: daily information needs for hyper-busy technology professionals are best served in two ways:

  • Customize news for specific tech communities
  • Provide news and analysis they can use in daily work

Our newsletters curate and deliver customized, actionable cloud news. And our explosive subscriber growth is validating this stance.


We deliver Actionable News

In our newsletters, you will find cloud news you can use at work

  • Updates and best practices in infrastructure, network, data and security architecture
  • Latest developments in scaling out, auto-scaling, Kubernetes orchestrations
  • New OSS releases and updates from the cloud native ecosystem
  • Latest features and updates in CI/CD and monitoring tools
  • Adoption trends and updates in cloud native tools
  • Trends in migration, IaC and automation

We customize intensively
We curate cloud news for three distinct cloud communities:
Cloud Developers
DevOps Engineers
Solution Architects

Our Focus:
Developments in the AWS, Azure and Google Cloud ecosystem.

We specialize. We don’t claim to meet cloud news and analysis requirements for all.

Who are our subscribers


Staying on top of Cloud news was never easier.

For sponsorship opportunities, drop us a mail at contact [at], and we will reach out to you immediately.

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